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Tool Set
The Original Pink Box
The Original Pink Box Multi-Purpose Pink Tools Set


30 Piece Pink Tool Set-More Than Just Tools

Be ready for any DIY fix-it problem around the home with this Original Pink Box 30 Piece Pink Tool Set. With the philosophy of "Do it first or do it better," Original Pink Box offers this distinctive, eye-catching, attention-grabbing set of high-quality tools in pink. But don't let the color fool you. These tools are as durable and tough as any girl and are capable of doing any job around the house. The canvas bag is a roomy 12 inches with 24 inside and outside pockets, perfect for storing your tools or using it for a travel bag with compartments for essentials. The possibilities are endless.

This 30 Piece Pink Tool Set includes all the basic tools you'll need for everyday tasks such hanging pictures on the wall, replacing a light switch, tightening a pipe under the sink-you'll be ready for anything. The soft grip handles make the tools comfortable to use with a bag that keeps everything conveniently together and at your fingertips. It's a perfect gift for someone moving into a first home or going off to college. Keep one at home and one in the car or workplace and you'll be ready for anything.

The Original Pink Box® the exceptional Pink Tool brand!

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Good For Light Use


My husband surprised me with this tool bag on my birthday last year. I loved the sight of the pink tool bag, and got the hint that he was telling me to stop borrowing his tools. When I opened the bag, inside is a card board box that contains the tools. Thered a variety of tools, including a nice sturdy hammer and measuring tape. The screw drivers are of poor quality, they only lasted me a month before the ends lost their shape. It comes with a set of wrenches that I marked myself since I could rub the size off. I took duct tape, and permanent marker so I knew the size. The bag has pockets on the inside, but none of the tools really fit. They are wide pockets and shallow, so nails and screws fit great. The pockets on the outside are great, everything fits rather nice, and there's even room for other items. Now my only complaint is the bottom of the bag, it's nothing but fabric and there's no support at all! I knew over time I would wear it out, so I got my husband to rig up support so I wouldn't end up with a hole at the bottom. For what it's used for its a nice product, but if you want tools for daily use don't purchase it. Maybe Craftsman will come out with a pink link for those women who use tools all the time.



Great Basic set


I received The Original Pink Box Multi-Purpose Tool Set as a Christmas gift this year from my mother. It was the perfect gift as we are in the middle of a major home improvement project. It also looks very cute! I don't have to worry about my husband stealing my tools and bringing them out into his garage, because they are pink and he would not dare use them! This is a great basic tool set. Perfect for any small jobs around the house you may have. I am not sure if they would hold up over long-term use on bigger projects, but for your every day go to tool bag, this is perfect. It has everything you could ever need. It includes a hammer, pliers, screwdrivers with all the different attachments, Allen keys, and a tape measure. The bag itself is sturdy as well. I would definitely suggest this item to anyone looking for a basic tool set, especially women, or anyone who loves the color pink!

Chesterfield, NJ


Keep Your Tools Separate from His


In our house, my husband has all the tools so when I saw this cute tool set online at a great special price, I had to have it. It has all the tools that I need for my basic household repairs or hanging a picture, fixing a loose screw or any other basic repair. There is a hammer, screwdrivers, a measuring tape, scissors, pliers and much more for a total of about 30 plus tools. Since the tools are pink, I know that they will not end up in a man's garage and will always be in the handy pink carryall bag that they come with. The bag is roomy and you have room to put other items in the bag as well. The bag is sturdy and durable and the tools are very well made. The price is so cheap, regularly about 35.00 but I got it at a great special price before Christmas at about 20.00. This tool set can't be beat. Any lady should have one of these sets in the house for herself. I think that if you do alot of small household repairs, you should run out and get this set for yourself as it has all you need. You are never searching for your husband's tools as yours will always be right where you need them.

New Egypt, NJ


The Original Pink Box Multi-Purpose Pink Tools Set

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