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Craftsman 4 cycle Grass Trimmer

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Great for around the Barn/Farm


One of the realities of a family farm is the fact that you need to have STURDY, reliable, and multi-use equipment - and this 4 Cycle Gas Trimmer does the trick.  It worked well in all the situations I used it -- from trimming grasses/crops along the fence line -- to the use of the Brushcutter attachment to take care of the horrendous amounts of woody shrubs/trees that also compound the situation with HUGE fence lines, behind/around the barn, in Horse Turn-outs, and by the Farm Equipment Storage areas.  I used this extensively for several weeks after 1st purchasing (believe me -- the Shoulder Harness comes in mighty handy -- it does get to be a burden after about the 1st hour of use) .. but it ran like a champ. I would suggest that you NOT purchase the already cut to the correct size weed-wacking strings -- get the LARGEST package of reel and cut it yourself.  Within an hour -- I used up approximately 4-5 pairs of weed-wacking strings (and this was the thickest sizes) -- so you can see that the job of keeping the farm's barn area (and fencelines) is a challenge at the BEST of times. I also purchased several Sparkplugs too with my purchase .. after all, with that much use, I find I am changing the plugs quite frequently.  (the only drawback -- it does take strength to pull start ... which is what I expected anyway)  ALL in all -- well worth the extra cost to upgrade and purchase this one for sure.  NOTE:  I am a taller female .. so it is a good size for me to use.  HOWEVER, if you are shorter than average ... or do NOT have the upperbody strength -- I would NOT suggest this one for your use. 

Crestview, FL


Strong, easy to start, wonderful product


The Craftsman 4 cycle trimmer (79197) is a beast of a machine, putting out torque I've never seen in a trimmer, but then again, all my life I used 2-cycle trimmers.  I also use the brushcutter attachment on it, and it takes a lot of brush and weeds to slow down this trimmer.  It takes down the brush in my backyard easily.

Jefferson, GA


Powerful and efficient Craftsman 4 cycle grass trimmer


Craftsman's 29cc 4 cycle Grass Trimmer (Manufacturer Product # 79197) is the most efficient grass trimmer I've used in some time. Having owned and used a 2 cycle grass trimmer known as "The Green Machine" for years, I have found this 4 cycle grass trimmer to be significantly easier to use. With the 79197, there is less noise pollution and less vibration which are aspects that matter after more than 30 minutes of use or anyone with a larger area to maintain. Helpful to any gardener, regardless of the size of the garden, is the easy-pull function -- with this feature, the machine started after two pulls right out of the box. This is a product that actually helps gardeners do the job of grass and weed trimming and does so very efficiently.

Hartsdale, NY


Craftsman 4 cycle Grass Trimmer

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