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Craftsman 4' 5" x 2' 8.5" Vertical Storage Shed


Versatile and Weather-Resistant, the Craftsman Large Storage Shed Offers Organizational Space

The Craftsman large vertical storage shed keeps lawn, garden and other outdoor tools, equipment and supplies organized and protected from the elements. The vertical storage shed stands neatly in the corner of yard, alongside the garage or even on a patio. Compact yet able to hold a variety of items, this shed is ideal for storing long-handled tools such as rakes, garden spades, hoes, shovels and garden accessories such as tomato cages.

Weather-resistant, the Craftsman large storage shed features sturdy dual-swing doors with easy-to-grip handles. The handles are designed to easily accommodate a padlock as needed for security. The door opening measures a generous 46.25" wide and 66" high making it easy to move items in and out. The interior of the large shed offers 54 cubic feet of storage space that includes a wire shelf perfect for small pots, hand tools, a watering can and other garden items. The vertical storage shed also can be used to store sports equipment such as bats, hockey sticks, tennis rackets, balls and more.

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Much Needed Storage


The Craftsman 4' 5" x 2' 8.5" Vertical Storage Shed was exactly what I was looking for! I have a two-car garage, but my husband has it full of junk and lawn care equipment. I really needed some storage space of my own, so I decided to buy the Craftsman 4' 5" x 2' 8.5" Vertical Storage Shed. It was a great buy. I didn't think it would hold much but it definitely does. I have a vegetable garden, flower garden and many plants around my home that require a lot of maintenance. I needed some place to keep all of my tools so they didn't get lost in our garage with all of the other junk. This storage shed was reasonably priced and is quite durable. I think having it outside my home adds a touch of style to the exterior image of my home also. It was very easy to assemble, at least that is what my husband said! I have more than enough room to store all of my tools and things I don't want laying around my yard and in view of people driving by. I highly recommend the Craftsman 4' 5" x 2' 8.5" Vertical Storage Shed to anyone that needs extra storage, but doesn't want to spend a fortune. It's not over sized either so it leaves plenty of room in your yard and isn't unpleasant to look at. It surprisingly stays clean looking also, even after heavy rains and thunderstorms.

Columbus, OH


Great compact storage shed


The Craftsman vertical storage shed is perfect for my smaller yard to keep my lawn tools safe from the elements. I keep my lawn mower and other tools to garden in the shed, and it does not take up a lot of space in my yard, which is important to me. I can also store my shovel, and a few other tools that stand vertically. It storms a lot where I live, and none of the items inside the shed got damaged during bad weather. There was never a puddle of water inside the shed after a storm! The large doors can easily be opened to obtain the items inside of the shed. The Craftsman storage shed did not cost me a lot of money, and it stores a lot of tools for the price! I highly recommend this storage shed if you have a small yard, but want to store a lot of items.



Craftsman 4' 5" x 2' 8.5" Vertical Storage Shed

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