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Craftsman 18-inch Hedge Trimmer

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Wish I'd had this sooner...


My family has lived in our current home for about eight years now.  We have pine shrubbery all around our house, as did our house before.  I struggled to keep our shrubs looking nice with two identical orange models inherited from my grandfather.  Thoses worked with the same mechanics as this - reciprocating twin blades.  Those, however, were shorter and had less power.  I now also believe that thier blades were well beyond thier expected life cycle.  Getting this Craftsman was something I wish I had done sooner.  Not only was I able to cut back the new spring growth to the previous year's size/shape, I was able to cut the shrubs down to the size I want them.  They go through small branches with little effort and I get done in less than half the time.  Using the old lousy trimmers also required me to use a lot more elbow grease - some people say you're more likely to cut yourself with a dull knife and I would think this to be the same principle.  It's not pictured here, but my trimmer came with a plastic sleeve that slides over the blades when they are not in use.  Had this unit been available to me when we first moved into our house, I could have saved the Honeysuckle bushes that we just paid to have removed.  It only goes to show that the right tool for the job can make all the difference.  Stay on top of the hedge trimming with these trimmers and it won't be daunting.

Homer, MI


Makes short work of a variety of yard trimming tasks


This Craftsman hedge trimmer is amazing.  Light weight, easy to use, it takes care of a variety of yard trimming jobs; not just bushes but also small trees and even tall tough grass.  I've long been a fan of hand clippers but find I can get nearly the same precision with the Craftsman and it does the job about 10x faster. 

Frederiksted, VT


Craftsman 18-inch Hedge Trimmer

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