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Cooks 0.6 Cubic Feet Microwave Oven 780-2215

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Works well, but the Cooks Microwave is Smaller than I would like


These microwaves come in nice color options and look very decent.  They are great if you have a small kitchen with limited counter space.  Unfortunately, because this microwave is so small it is hard to cook some products in it.  A full sized popcorn bag barely fits in this microwave. After only a few months of use the covering on the buttons started peeling off.  So, now this microwave has buttons that I cannot read because they have peeled off. Overall the functionality of the microwave is good and it does actually cook things.  For a small microwave it has some very good functions such as defrost or reheat.  I would not recommend this microwave unless you specifically want a smaller unit and I definitely would not recommend it if you are a heavy cook as many things will not fit in the microwave. This would be a good choice for a college dorm or maybe an efficiency, but not for a full sized kitchen.

Reno, NV


Cooks microwave has very pretty colors


I ordered a Cooks microwave because I was doing a pink kitchen,it was the only manufacturer I found that made a pink one. It is the perfect shade of pink. I only owned it for 6 months and it went bad and had to get another one. But I gave it another shot because I liked it so well. I wished it was bigger than it is,though. I read all the blogs about it on jcp.com,where is came from and they weren't very good. It doesn't seem to be a very good brand,but time will tell. It carries a year warranty, and I just hope if this one goes bad too, they still make them in all the colors they have now!!

Lancaster, OH


Decent small Microwave


Nice smaller microwave for single or couples to use at home or students at collage dorm. I'm used it for many a warm ups and cooking for about a year without any problems. Comes in lots of different colors and easy to match your decor.

Winter Haven, FL


Cooks 0.6 Cubic Feet Microwave Oven 780-2215

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