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Compaq Presario Notebook PC

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A Headache


I bought a Compaq laptop almost two years ago to do my research papers for school. The price was very cheap compared to other name brands. Almost within three months of having my laptop, I was surfing the internet one day, and decided to take a break, while my screensaver came on. When I came back to my laptop, the screen was blank and the power was off. I checked everything including the cord and battery. Once I turned it back on, it wouldn't boot up. I took my laptop to school so the computer guy can look at it. He told me that its the power button, and that its weak not getting enough juice to boot up. I took the battery out, and held down the power button for 60 seconds, and then put the battery back in, and sure enough the power came back on and it booted up. Well the problem is, I keep having this problem over and over and then one day, the laptop decided it didn't want to boot up anymore. I googled the problem and found out that many others were experiencing the same problem. I was very pissed off about this problem. I even cried about it because I typed a term paper without saving it on a flash drive. I wanted to take that laptop and throw it at the wall, that's how mad I was. I sooner or later donated that same laptop to a computer store and bought me a dell computer.


Dayton, OH


It is a awesome Compaq presario f-500 series.


This is a great computer to have as a starter. It came with everthing I need. Like, it has Wi-Fi, which is important around a house and condo or even around the world. It also has a comfortable key board, nothing like a Toshiba. A compairable Toshiba Satellite is not as good as the Compaq f-500. The Compaq came with, not just more memory but also more R.A.M. compared to the Toshiba . Anouther plus is a high-defintion (HD) for viewing movies. It has plenty R.A.M. for games that are interactive with the internet. Also it has a fast internet. Which is great,This is a great computer for everything you or me need. It has a great software compared to the Toshiba Satellite, R.A.M, Wi-Fi speed too. The Toshiba has nothing at all compared to the Compaq f-500. This computer over all is the best i ever had cause when i had a desktop it always crashed on me. Thats why i will never go back to a desktop.  


Merritt Island, FL


Its a reliable computer and i love it.


I love this laptop a lot. The reason being is i have had it for almost two years now and i havent hardly had any trouble with it . No virus nothing. If i was to recommend a computer to my friend i would reccomend this one.


Sanford, FL


This Compaq Presario lasted 2 years and still going.


I bought my Compaq Presario F500 series Laptop exactly two years ago. At first I wondered if I made a good choice. I wondered if I would be able to keep viruses off of it and keep the computer running properly. To my surprise, in the two years I have owned my laptop, I have only had one virus which was removed immediately by the combination of security programs already on it and the security programs I added for a little extra protection. I really love the Windows Vista Home Premium operating system. People I know have always had negative things to say about it but I personally dont see what all the fuss is about. I believe the Windows Vista is the best operating system yet. It has more features and for me is easier to use. The laptop itself is very durable. I got hit by a car shortly after I bought it and i was carrying my laptop in my laptop bag and it survived flying 50 feet and landing on pavement and being run over by one car. I was worried about it not working after I got it home but I opened the lid on it, turned it on, and it still worked. The only damage it sustained was one little scratch. I am planning to buy another laptop in a few weeks and my research has mainly been done on, you guessed it, Compaq Laptops.


Leavenworth, KS


Don't Buy It, It Sucks!!!


it is a horrible laptop, great graphis and sound, dvd burner, 80 GB HD(A little to small),1 GB ddr2, and windows vista. Althogh i would not recomend it to anyone, i have had so many problems it is not even funny, i have had to send it in to hp like 8 times, do not buy it.


Salem, OR


Very cheap and will certainly break


I've been having this Compaq Presario laptop for about 6 months now. However, it suddenly crashed for no apparent reason. It seems they have some faulty power problems. Since day one, this laptop never shuts off properly, so I'd have to unplug the power cord and detach the battery to shut it off completely every time I used it. Then, when I try to use it again, I'd have to turn it on, and wait for about 5 minutes or so before it powers up, even though the battery was full! It's cheaply made and you know what they say, "you get what you pay for".


Berkeley, CA


Compaq Presario Notebook PC

3.0 6