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Compaq Presario C500 Notebook PC

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Great bang for your buck.


I purchased the Compaq Presario C500 to simply write school papers and do a little internet surfing. After using the laptop for over 2 years the computer still runs like it is new. At the time it was the cheapest available laptop with the Windows Vista operating system. Although I was skeptical about the computer running on the Vista operating system, I did not have any problems at all with this machine. The performance over the years has stayed strong and I have been able to run serious software for work and my personal web design. I also run multiple applications for web design and graphic design which should not be run on laptops but this machine showed me that it can pretty much handle anything I throw at it. The only downside to the computer is the size, for a laptop its a little bulky but if performance is your number one priority, this is the machine. If I were to get a new computer, I would look at some of the new Compaqs before purchasing a higher end machine. This computer can run with the higher end models but at a much more affordable price. I recommend this product to anyone looking to purchase a new laptop.

Grand Blanc, MI


Horrible laptop!


I got this laptop for my sister a while ago like in 2007, and it was horrible! It consists of 512 MB Ram and a really bad video card! It comes with Windows Vista and it really sucks with it. This laptop has gone through the most in my house. It is not strong, even though it is really thick. The left part that attaches the screen to the laptop has been broken easily. I don't know how my sister used the laptop for a lot of years! What can you expect from a cheap laptop though, right? About a year later or something, I purchased WIndows XP for that laptop and formatted the Hard Drive, and installed Windows XP. Ever since then, the laptop has been really good. So I suggest whoever gets this laptop, don't expect much from it. If you want to get a better experience from it, purchase Windows XP. They have steps of how to install it, if you don't, and also Windows XP drivers on the HP website.

Houston, TX


The Presario C500 laptop is great for intermediate users.


I received the Presario C500 laptop for Christmas of 2008. At first, I used it only when I was out of town. Once I got used to it, though, I started using it more and more at home. Now, I've given up my desktop completely. Eventually, I would like to upgrade to a faster computer, but for now, this model is everything I need.  I do a lot of photo editing with PSPX2 and store a bazillion digital photos on the ample hard drive. It's very easy to burn a CD with my favourite songs. I have yet to burn a DVD. The only issue I have with the CD player is the drawer sticks a little when opening and it makes too much noise while running. Issues with the computer in general... the battery has a frustratingly short lifespan. It starts to dim almost immediately and is too far gone within 20 minutes for these old eyes to view comfortably. For the average home user, I would say it's an excellent choice. It has served me well with no major problems for over a year. I expect to hand it down to my son by the end of this year.

Crawfordville, FL


The Conpaq presario C500 is easy to use.


The Compaq Presario C500 is a good home computer though it has some problems keeping up with my games. It has a wide screen which is good for viewing and fun to brag about. It has taken a lot of downloading for a laptop but still stands up to it.

East Jordan, MI


Awesome Laptop without Vista!


I recieved my Compaq Presario C500 about two years ago as a gift from my husband.  I have to say at First I absouletly LOVED this laptop, but after realizing that it had Microsoft Windows Vista Basic I was not happy.  This laptop is light and easy to use.  Unfortunetly, because of the Windows Vista Basic this laptop cannot keep up with newer technology.  It is always "Not Responding" and I seem to wast so much time trying to get my laptop to restart.  It takes about 20 minutes to restart and turn on.  I really think the Compaq Presario C500 would work a lot better with Windows XP or maybe even Windows 7.  The Compaq Presario C500 has many features, it has a cd/dvd burner, bluetooth and much much more. This Compaq Presario C500 is very cheap too.  It is a good price for most familys on a budget and has held up with a toddler constantly beating on it and pushing many buttons.  If they come out with a better software for this laptop, I would totally recommend it!

Hazelwood, MO


this laptop was an okay laptop, for speed, i would not recommend


i have enjoyed using my  hp compac laptop pc.  i have enjoyed online shopping, buying movies, and other things at online stores such as and using web browsers such as internet explorer, firefox and america online. although the pc loads applications very slow.  i do, however, like how the computer automatically dowloads updates.  i set my computer to download updates on a weekly basis.  I also like how i can do a computer restore by selecting a previous date to restore the computer back to when it was working more acurrately.  i rated this laptop as average because i do need something that loads applications more faster.  i have had the laptop for a total of almost three years. i do wish however it was smaller and perhaps more thinner,  sometimes i feel like i have the biggest laptop in the world.  it has served me well besides the insertion point jumping to places i have not clicked on.  on average it is an ok laptop

Raleigh, NC


Compaq Presario C500 Notebook PC

3.3 6