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Coastal Scents
Coastal Scents African black soap

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Better than anything else


I have dry skin, and was kind of worried that maybe this would be too rough or drying for my sensitive and very dry skin. However, it's not. It cleans realllllly well, though, as good as an exfoliating scrub, but seems more gentle than one. It isn't really drying, but more just cleans deep and then you should put moisturizer on if you are dry like me. Like mentioned in the other review, this stuff is not pretty... actually looks like some weird kind of fungus or something to me, lol. But get over its sad looks and try it, because it's amazing. Also, you get a huge hunk of this soap, so it will last you ages! I've had my soap for over a year, and have barely made a dent in it (I break off little pieces to use to make it easier), so it's very economical too!


Bloomsburg, PA


African Black Soap from Coastal Scents is an excellent cleanser


I decided to try the African Black Soap from Coastal Scents after stumbling across it during a sale and seeing a video review for the product. I had never heard of African Black Soap prior to this, and only decided to try it based on the excellent details provided by the reviewer and the fact that it was on sale. The product definitely is not for the faint hearted, nor those who except their beauty supplies to come in gorgeous packaging. The African Black Soap from Coastal Scents is 100% natural and is hand made in West Africa, and it looks like it. There is no fancy packaging at all. The product comes in a zip-top bag and then that bag is in another plastic outer wrap. If I had not been prepared for the unusual look of the product by the previous reviewer, I may have thought I had received a "bad" batch. However, she had gone into great detail and prepared me for how it looked. It basically looks like a lump of brownish ash, only with a slightly harder consistency. If you really tried, you may be able to compress it into a smaller "bar" type form, but it is simple to just pinch off a small amount and form it into a usable bar that will last you approximately two weeks. The product can be used on your face, body, and hair, and I use it on all three. It gets your hair "squeaky" clean, meaning that it is not very easy to run your fingers through your wet hair, but once it is dry, your hair is so soft and silky. It even causes my natural waves to be more pronounced than when I use commercial shampoos. As to my face, this product leaves my skin so sikly soft it is amazing. I normally tend toward oily/combination skin, but tend to have a bit of dryness after using this, so I started moisturizing with an emu oil/shea butter blend to help off set that. This product has cleared up my skin like nothing else I've ever seen. For body, I would recommend using a lotion after using this product because it can be slightly drying to your skin. But it is an excellent cleanser overall.  


Leesburg, VA


Coastal Scents African black soap

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