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Clorox S.O.S. Scrubber Sponge All Surface

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Clorox Scrubber Sponges Offer Dual Cleaning Action


Plates, glassware, and flatware can usually be washed with a sponge and require little effort to get clean. Pots and pans, on the other hand, often need something more powerful than a simple sponge and often require steel wool or a scouring pad for proper cleaning. Consumers can purchase a few of each or they can opt for the **Clorox S.O.S. Scrubber Sponge**, a dual- action kitchen helper. **Spray Commentary:** Clorox S.O.S. Scrubber Sponge is a product from one of the best- known names in pot and pan scrubbing. S.O.S. soap pads have been helping consumers clean up tough stains and baked- on foods for many decades and many people rely on them for routine cleaning. Clorox S.O.S. Scrubber Sponge offer a similar, scouring pad surface on one side along with a sponge on the other, making it easy to clean the pots and pans and then switch to the sponge side for other cleaning. Clorox S.O.S. Scrubber Sponges are good at holding themselves together and that alone places them a notch above ordinary steel wool pads. With steel wool, the pads slowly disintegrate, but you don't have a problem like that with Clorox S.O.S. Scrubber Sponge. They last much longer and can scrub with the best of them. Clorox S.O.S. Scrubber Sponge is great for its dual- action. However, depending on the level of cleaning needed, the scoring side of the pad may take a little more effort to clean when compared to steel wool. Severely baked- on food and stains can be cleaned with these pads, but it takes effort. As long as the messes are tackled before they have a chance to get really bad, you should have no problem with these scrubber sponges. **Bottom- Line Viewpoint:** Clorox S.O.S. Scrubber Sponge is one of the best kitchen companions with much to offer for easy cleaning. It is best for dishes, but can also be used on other kitchen and household surfaces. It won't scratch like steel wool and other scouring tools, making it safer for day to day cleaning chores. Add to that the reasonable price and you have a product that earns a big recommendation. Performance This is a very handy, very useful tool for scrubbing dishes and counters

Houston, TX


I love my Clorox S.O,S Scrubber Sponge All Surface


I wanted to stop using my wash cloths for washing dishes because it was not smelling to good after a couple times. I decided that I had better find something to clean with so I went and got the Clorox S.O.S. Scrubber Sponge All Surface and use them every day. I love the way these clean and they are so easy on the surface of my pot's and pan's. They seem to last for a very long time and when they do seem to smell a little bad I just take them and put them in a bowl with some clorox and after just a couple minutes they smell good again and it works just as well. You usually get a couple in a bag so you don't need to go out and buy so many at a time and you don't need to always replace them they do work for such a long time. The price is so good too they don't cost much at all and like everything else look for a coupon and even save more money. They are the only kind I buy and plan on buying them for a long time to come.

Milo, IA


S.O.S. are my favorite scrubbing pads!


My parents used S.O.S. scrubbing pads while I was growing up, but when I moved out on my own I thought these were pricier and went for the cheap stuff.  I quickly found out it's worth spending the little extra to get the Clorox S.O.S. Scrubber Sponges.  They don't fall apart easily, so you can scrub for a long time on many surfaces without it crumbling.  Also, it does not get that gross smell the cheaper sponges seem to get so quickly.  You need to use the S.O.S Scrubber Sponges for a much longer amount of time before they start to smell bad.  Also, I do not need to scrub as hard with these scrubber sponges.  Grime comes off the pots much more easily with these.  However, you do need to be careful with using these on certain nice pots, like the ones with the non-stick coating.  If you scrub too hard on these pots, the non-stick coating may come off.  So, I still purchase the non-scrubber sponges for those pots.

Milwaukee, WI


Clorox S.O.S. Scrubber Sponge All Surface

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