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Citi - Professional Cash Card

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My Restaurant Credit Card


My mom introduced me to the Professional MasterCard's Credit Card about three years ago.  I was just getting into having more then one credit card to build up my credit.  I love this credit card because, not only does it pay for my things but it also gives me about thirty days to pay it like all credit cards.  **BUT**... the best part of this card is that for every dollar spent at a restaurant or coffee shop it gives me three percent back, actually now to think of it, I think I get five percent back.  After building enough points, I'm able to redeem the points for gift cards:)  I usually get gift cards like Chilis, Old Navy, etc.... The system works like this: there's a website called thankyounetwork and you register your card there and it tallies up your spendings and then you look through the site to see what you want, add it to your shopping cart and check out. The gift card/s are to you in no time. Probably a couple of days or so.  I wouldn't ever get rid of this card because I'm always eating out, lol.

Cupertino, CA


Great rewards.


Citibank Professional card has no annual fees and for first year they will triple the points on gas ,restauraunt purchases.citibank crdit card customer service is great.Before expiring of the card they will send you a new card.It has very low APR .I maintained a very good credit history they increased my credit limit automatically.They keep sending new offers like balance transfer at very low interest.Citibank offers automated fraud alerts based on the credit card activities and transactions.Customer service is very fast and freindly.I'm having this card for almost 5 years and i never had a issue with it.Citibank offers online expense organizer which sorts the expense based on categories.It has option of paperless bill .They also send quartely and annual details upon request. They have thankyou rewards points and has a wide range of gift selection like restauraunts,Retailes,travel,hotel and many more.you can even encash the reward points.  

Irving, TX


Good card for cash back


Citibank's Professional credit card is marketed as a business credit card, but will be reported to the credit bureaus as a personal card.  The highlight of the card is that you get three points per dollar spent atrestaurants, office supply stores and gas stations.  You will get one point per dollar spent for all other purchases.  The points can be redeemed at Citi's Thank You program.  This reward program is pretty comprehensive and you will have many options to redeem you points with: straight cash, statement credits, a variety of gift cards, mortgage payments, student loan payments, travel (through partnership with Expedia)  and Citi's Visa gift card (which can be used anywhere VISA cards are accepted).  Not everything will be available to be redeemed at a one point per one cent ration, but overall the program is very good and tis card is a great option for professionals or for anyone looking to get better 'cash back' for their spending.

Saint Paul, MN


Citi - Professional Cash Card

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