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Chef Boyardee
Chef Boyardee 99% Fat Free Beef Ravioli

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the 99% fat free is very noticeable


I love Chef Boyardee ravioli, and have since I was a kid...but they're so fattening.  We were excited when we saw the 99% fat free label.  The entire can is only 6 points on the Weight Watchers program, which makes for a great lunch.  My husband takes a few cans with him each week for lunch at the office...my problem with this product is, it doesn't taste like the real thing...sorry, Chef, but it doesn't.  I rarely like to partake of this product, although my husband does...he says it's a trade-off, the 'non real taste' for the diet Weight Watchers points.

Herculaneum, MO


Chef Boyardee 99% fat free taste the same as the regular.


Chef Boyardee 99% Fat Free Beef Ravioli in tomato & meat sauce taste the same as the regualr chef boyardee ravilo with out all the fat. Unfortunately it also has the same mediocre tasting sauce that regular chef boyardee has but that can be fixed with the addition of crushed red pepper and ground cayenne pepper. I prefer my foods extra hot and extra spicy so you may not add what I am adding but the sauce at least need some italian seasoning added to it to make it taste good. Otherwise the sauce is really bland. Would it really kill them to add the italion seasoning to it so we would not have to? I guess kids like it the way it is but more discriminating palates need something with a little more taste. I must have the heat. I can not eat this without adding at least hot sauce or some hot peppers. You will not even notice that it is 99% fat free. The kids wont notice either if you do not let them see the can. I do not know why kids wont eat something if they know it is considered healthy but they just do. Just add your own litte spice and this stuff is a good, quick, & healthy meal.

Suffolk, VA


Chef Boyardee 99% Fat Free Beef Ravioli

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