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Chase - Perfectcard Mastercard

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Best Credit Card!


I have had many credit cards it the past! Visa, Discover, American Express, and so on! I have found that the Chase Mastercard is the absolute best! The reward program is fantastic! I actually have just received a brand new printer from them as a reward. I use my credit card everyday and am very motivated to use it because in the end i know i will get a great reward. I have also gotten gift cards from my favorite stores like Macy's and CVS! There late forgiveness is great as well! Unlike many credit cards that only forgive on the first lateness, Chase has forgiven me many times and has reversed late fees and interest for me! I am extremely happy with Chase Mastercard as my first preference when using a credit card! Customer Service Always available to speak with a live person! Very nice as well! If there is a problem with your bill,.you can just call them up and they do everything in there power for you to have a great experience!



PerfectCard has automatic cash back


PerfectCard is a cash rebate card from chase which give 3% for gas and 1% for all other purchases. They apply the cash rebate automatically to your statement balance without having the hassel to go through the rebate process. You do not have to wait to get your rebates since it's done automatically.

Madison, WI


Good rewards but bad service


I had first gotten my Chase card because I wanted a card that offered me rewards.  I used it almost exclusively for 2 years.  I used the rewards to get $100 checks.  There were also other options - such as gift cards and various items - but always liked having cash in hand! Earlier this year, I looked at my statement and noticed there was a finance charge.  I called the 800 number to ask about it.  It was quickly discovered that the problem was I had paid the wrong month's balance.  I explained to the woman that there must have been an error with their payment system because I always clicked the "pay statement balance" box and I always paid online.  She promised me that I would get a call that weekend from someone who could help me. I never recieved a call, so I called them again.  Someone took a look at it and said that it was their error and not mine and the finance charge would be credited.  Within the week, it was.  I recieved my next statement and there was another finance charge.  I called again and explained the situation.  The person I talked to said it should have automatically been taken care of, but he would get it credited back to me with in the next 3 days.  That isnt at all what happened.  Not only did the second finance charge not get refunded, the first finance charge was added back onto the account.  I called and asked about it.  I talked to 2 seperate people and was told there was nothing they could do about it.  Chase had not deemed it a "bank error" so they would not refund either of the finance charges.  The "supervisor" that I talked to was horribly rude.  I attempted to talk to her supervisor, but she wasnt in.  I left a message and never got a return call.  I tried calling again, still to no avail.  So in the end, I had to pay 2 finance charges because their statement system is not in synch with their online payment system.  I also had to spend a good deal of my time on the phone for horrible customer service. Although the card offered good rewards, I will never again deal with a company that treats its customers so poorly!

Pottstown, PA


A very good card


I use my Master Card for most everyday purchases.  I always use it at the grocery store, drug stores, and gas stations for the 3% bonus.  Really the only problem with this card is that there is a limit on rewards points--once you reach that spending limit there are no more rewards for the rest of the year. The website is easy to use and I like the automatic reminders sent to my email.

Hampden, ME


why not?


Just recently got this card.  Wish I had it sooner.  Sure does help with gas as I get 6% back for the first 90 days and 3% after that.  I can't complain! Savings are on all gas station purchases that identify the transaction as a gas purchase

Macungie, PA


Chase mastercard, great to have around in case of an emergency.


The Chase MasterCard that I have comes with no annual fee. I try not to carry a balance as the interest rate is very high. I understand that when you are first establishing credit that you may have a high interest rate. But I have had this card for about 5 years now. I carried a balance for a few years. I paid all of my monthly payments on time. in fact I make sure to pay more than just the minimum payment. Chase has rewarded me by increasing my credit limit, however they have not decreased my interest rate. When I carried a balance on the card I did so with the thought that once they see my payment habits they would lower the interest rate along with giving credit line increases. I am disappointed at the interest rate on this card. I will keep the card for emergencies because it does not carry a annual fee. I do not intend to use it for major purchases though since it carries such a high interest rate.

Ontario, CA


Chase Mastercard is the best card I ever had.


I love Chase Mastercard. In three years that my boyfriend and I had it we got back $1,000 in cash, plus probably another 3 or 4 hundred dollars in different gift cards. It only works, of course, if you pay the balance on your credit card in full, but isn't it true for any of them? If you are fiscaly responsible person I think you can always find credit card with the most benefits.

Fox River Grove, IL


Chase - Perfectcard Mastercard

4.0 7