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ChapStick Fresh Effects - Refreshing Mandarin

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Chapstick smells fantastic


I love the smell of the new Chapstick Fresh Effects Refreshing Mandarin. It is a light, fresh, and crisp citrus smell that reminds me of that first spray of scent that releases when you peel an orange. It glides onto your lips with a silky smooth feels, and immediately you can tell that it has started to work. It tingles and moisturizes, making your lips feel cool and refreshed. My lips have been badly chapped from the cold weather we've been experiencing, and the Chapstick was the only thing that seemed to clear them up. My only problem with the Chapstick is that it does not have any sun protection within it, so it really does little to protect your delicate skin from the harmful ultraviolet radiation from the sun. Definitely a minus. Also, It tastes a little bit funny, almost like oranges, but not quite. I trust Chapstick brand to be a good value and a good product, and this addition to their line does not disappoint me.


Austin, TX


ChapStick's tingling Fresh Effects really works


I wear lip balm all year. My lips seem to chap in all kinds of weather, no matter how much water I drink or foods I eat. That is why I usually have at least one lip balm product handy. My brand of choice is ChapStick. In fact, I usually call all lip balm "ChapStick".  Recently, I was running low and decided it was time to buy more. As you can see from the I Am tags, I am into trying new things. In this case, I am into trying new flavors and formulas of chapstick, as long as it is ChapStick brand and is in stick form. I do not like those little tubs or the squeeze kinds.  My favorite local grocery store had three or four flavors of ChapStick brand lip balm. So, of course, I decided on the newest one, Fresh Effects. I do not like mint flavor so I bought the Refreshing Mandarin flavor.  As I put the product on my lips, I immediately noticed the tingling sensation that was described on the package. It took a few applications, but I am used to it now and enjoy that sensation much more than I did. I also noticed how this flavor tastes kind of like a creamsicle rather then mandarin oranges, but I consider that a positive. The downside to this product is how rough it is to put on. Normally, ChapStick does a good job with this, but for some reason, the Fresh Effects does not glide on as easily as the other kinds.  Other then that, I really like this product and would recommend it to anyone looking to try a new kind of lip balm. In my opinion, ChapStick Fresh Effects Refreshing Mandarin is a good value for your money.


Seymour, CT


ChapStick Fresh Effects - Refreshing Mandarin

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