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Chanel No. 5 - 1.7 oz Eau de Parfum Spray Classic Bottle (Unboxed)

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A true classic


I am 38 years old, and I have always been fascinated by the timelessness of Chanel's Number 5 perfume, it has been around for ages, and in my opinion, remains one of the best perfume for women ever made. My mom wore it for as long as I can remember, but I did not start wearing it until I became older because I never felt classy enough to be able to wear Chanel Number 5. Well, with age, that has changed of course, and I now wear Chanel Number 5 quite proudly and absolutely look forward to spraying a bit on every single day, even on days when I do not go anywhere outside of the house. I have gotten tons of compliments and many people have asked me what perfume I wear. When I tell them that I only wear Chanel Number 5, they are usually surprised because there is a bit of a stereotype regarding this perfume and a lot of people think it is only intended for older women. I love Chanel Number 5 and proudly wear it, even at age 38.




Chanel No. 5 is for the classic woman


Chanel No. 5 - 1.7 oz Eau de Parfum Spray Classic Bottle is for the woman who is a classic in every sense. I received this as a gift from my husband when I finished graduate school a few years ago, and it still smells as great as the day he gave it to me (from my experience, some scents change over time). Every time I spray it on, I feel extra special and so accomplished. It is a great confidence booster right before a big meeting or presentation at work, or a social event where you want a little "sparkle" (figuratively speaking, don't worry it doesn't actually sparkle!). I also wear it every day, even just around the house. As a new mom, it is something nice I can do for myself each day to feel like I'm not just "mommy"! The only downside is the fragrance is a bit heavy, so definitely try it out before buying to make sure you like it. Actually, since I received this gift, Chanel has come out with a lighter version - an Eau de Toilette - which I definitely would have asked for instead had it been around.


Plainview, NY


Chanel No 5: Best Classic Perfume ever


I do not often use designer perfumes. I use light, fresh smelling colognes for everyday purposes but sometimes there are special occasions where you want to use something more alluring to fit the occasion. This is it for me. It's a scent that's a keeper for me. It is not for young girls, in my opinion. It is more for women. There is a gravitas that the musky quality of this scent requires for one to use it. The thing is with Chanel No 5, since it is classic and timeless, it is very much in everyone's wishlist and is therefore never on sale. It is expensive for me and it is a luxury which means I only use it on special occasions. I think sometimes it comes in a gift pack but I am always late for that party. There are deals for it at the outlet mall perfumery but you have to be fast too. I highly recommend this for women who have classic styles and who want a scent that is timeless and exudes sensuality and class at the same time.


Austin, TX


Not for everyone, perfect for many


I've been wearing Chanel 5 since I was 11 years old, when I got a bottle for Christmas from my aunt. She continued to send me a bottle almost every year, and so I still have a few stockpiled. This is a classic. It's a simple, elegant gift for anyone, and most women will find that it's appropriate at least sometimes in their life. Many of them will adore it and want to wear it every day. I will say that the smell is unfortauntely a little dated, so it's starting to smell "too old" to me, even though it seemed appropriate when I was 11 years old! Chanel 5 was the first all-synthetic perfume, so it has the benefit of having no natural scents, which means there is very likely something you are allergic or sensitive to. This contributes to its mass appeal. It smells clean, sophisticated, and expensive. It's a little heavy for daily wear for me, but I think it's good for evenings. Unfortuantely, it's so classic that it can seem generic. I would advise you try it for a day- i think the smell gets better as they day goes on.


Newton, MA


my all time favorite !


i absolutely love chanel no. 5. i just can't afford to buy it very often.i have owned 3 bottles of it in my lifetime..if i could afford it , it would be the only thing i ever wore though. i checked on buying just a refill for my big bottle and it was just to expensive for me since i am disabled now and on a fixed income. if they would make it more affordable for those of us who love it, i would wear nothing else though.


Mountain View, MO


my go to perfume


I have tried many different scents threw out my many years and this is still my favorite.I think Chanel No.5 is so classy .This perfume is strong enough to stand out but not overpowering.I feel so confidant when I wear my Chanel No.5.I think just about everyone everywere has heared of Chanel No. 5 and for good reason .This fragrance is something  I hope to never be without.I cannot image a life without my Chanel No.5 .I have been wearing this fragrance I think for about 30 years if you can belive it.I know some of you are thinking the price for this fragrance is just to high and you may be right but this is one of my splurge items and belive me I dont have to many of those.I cant tell you how many times Someone has came up to me over the years and complimented me on my fragrance or ask what fragrance it was and where they could purchase it.This is one product you hear alot about that lives up to what is said about it.


West Union, OH


Totally a timeless classic scent!


Chanel is a classic that you just can't go wrong with. It's not to overbearing, very nice scent. I think it works for most ladies!!! In this case you get what you pay for,  a little pricey but it lasts.


Crystal Lake, IL


Chanel No. 5 is an old but wonderful fragrance.


I have used Chanel No 5 for many years.  I always get many compliments from family and friends when wearing it.  There are many fragrances that I can not wear as they are too strong, but Chanel No 5 is perfect.


San Diego, CA


Chanel No.5 is the clasic elegance that everyone woman deserves


Chanel No.5 is the classic elegance that every woman deserves to have as a part of her wardrobe.  It stands alone and can easily be worn alone or with your favorite pair of blue jeans.  This fragrance is such a class act that it affords every woman wearing it their own personality.  The chemistry between the fragrance and the skin that wears it is individually priceless,


Greenville, SC


Still going strong after many Years!


I have been a lifelong user of Chanel Number 5.  I used this fragrance back in my teen years and have used many many difference fragrances but have always came back around to the clean smell of this outstanding perfume.  Any perfume that stays on the market this long has to be at the top.  Perfume fragrances come and go but to survive in the market today after this many years tells you just how good it is.  I have used several of the products in this fragrance line and they all rank at the top on my list.  I have had people ask me what fragrance I was wearing and when I tell them what it is some are pleasantly surprised and when I tell them this is fragrance I have used since my teen years they are in awe.  I have even had people inquire about where to purchase it so that speaks for itself too in the fact that they are interested enough to want to purchase it too.  So many fragrances today are too strong and replusive.  Thanks Chanel Number 5 for staying available to me for so many years.   


Joelton, TN


Chanel No. 5 - 1.7 oz Eau de Parfum Spray Classic Bottle (Unboxed)

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