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Cabernet Sauvignon
Cellar #8 , Cabernet Sauvignon

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Cellar #8 Cabernet Sauvignon 2008 is the perfect crowd pleaser!


I highly recommend **Cellar #8** **Cabernet Savignon 2008** if you are looking for a great value that is a crowd pleaser. **Cellar #8 Cabernet Savignon 2008** really seems to match well with any meal and occasion. I have served this wine at parties and without fail, it is well - loved by everyone. In a recent wine tasting a few weeks ago, it was the solid winner and I will now buy quantities to have on hand to serve to guests or bring along to parties for the Holidays. As far as flavors, **Cellar #8 Cabernet Savignon 2008** rings fruity with a dark cherry and red currant blend. My sister in law (who just returned from Napa!) tells me there are also hints of leather (which she loves) and black pepper. I feel that it has that spicy kick that some other Cabs in this price level seem to lack. Somehow it also has a silky smooth quality that is also enjoyable and seems to please most people who taste it. It is an incredibly good value so no surprise that I see this on many restaurant lists as well! One other bit of advice that I learned from the wine expert at my local wine shop today: If you taste a newly opened wine and don't love it, let it sit for awhile - maybe even a few hours. You can cork it and keep it around to try later. This gives the wine a chance for all the flavors to blend and open for a more pleasant and intended experience. It just may end up to be your favorite wine given time to settle! I have yet to explore the California wine country in person sadly, but if **Cellar #8 Cabernet Savignon 2008** is any indication, I am really looking forward to the trip ;) And I am adding a decanter to my Christmas list this year...!

Elmwood Park, IL


Cellar #8 , Cabernet Sauvignon

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