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Celadon Road

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Excellent company, great products!


Celadon Road is a new-ish direct sales company, founded and based in North Attleboro, MA. Offering the highest quality natural, organic, eco-friendly and sustainable products for home, body, baby, men and pets. Everything to GO GREEN, from laundry detergent, skincare, bubble bath, bar soaps, reusable straws and cups, household cleaners, recycled glass jewelry and decor, and pet shampoo, treats and toys. Celadon Road is party based business, with independent consultants offering in home parties, such as a spa party or green cleaning party. Hostess and guests can receive discounts, free products and more. Plus, a tree is planted in honor of every hostess, as well as a pair of shoes donated in her honor. Products are made without artificial fragrance or colors, parabens, sulfates, phthalates, and other toxins, chemicals and artificial ingredients. Excellent for sensitive skin, customers with allergies, and/or anyone just trying to reduce their exposure to chemicals, reduce their carbon footprint, and/or create a healthier environment. Customers can purchase online from their consultant's website, at events, or at a party.

Attleboro, MA


Celadon Road

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