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Casio FX-115MS Scientific Calculator

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Very helpful calculator!


This calculator is very easy to use. The screen is large and and easy to see. My husband is getting a masters degree and he uses it for school. I on the other hand enjoy using it for daily things... like balancing the budget! I also like that it's solar powered so you don't need to worry about batteries! It's a great buy!



Simple and handy


I got this calculator from one of my students. He just gave it to me. I started using it and soon realize that this is the only calculator I need. I do a lot of calculations during the day like simple addition/subtraction. Also, I do quite a bit of log and exponential calculations. It works very nice. The best thing I do not need to worry about batteries. It is working on the solar panel and batteries. In almost 7 years, I never replace a battery.

Stillwater, OK


Casio FX-115MS Scientific Calculator

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