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Campbells Spaghetti

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Had to drown it in parmesan to make it edible.


My toddler is in a spaghetti phase right now, which you moms will know means that's pretty much all he wants to eat, and I give in about once a day. Keeping spaghetti in the fridge can be hard though, since some other household members don't bat a lash at eating a triple serving of it in one sitting and don't even bother to tell me so I can make more! Grrrr... But trying not to digress, buying canned spaghetti seemed to be a reasonable alternative to tolerating 20-25 minutes of toddler whining while I cook it from scratch every time he wants some. He takes one forkful of this stuff, pronounces it "yucky," and asks for waffles instead. Well, maybe it will cure his spaghetti obsession, but I was really disappointed with Campbell's for this one. I tasted it, and the boy is right. It's yucky. Flavorless and limp. I'll try the Chef Boyardee brand next. But I'm only buying one can this time. In the meantime, for those in the same boat, I discovered that Ramen noodles cook in far less time than spaghetti in an easy single serving size, and you can pour sauce from a jar over them resulting in pretty tasty pasta. Give it a shot. It's what I'll be doing if the Chef Boyardee doesn't work out for me.

Austin, TX


Campbells Spaghetti

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