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Campbell's Select Harvest Chicken w/Egg Noodles Soup

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Great flavor without the guilt!


I recently tried the cambell's select harvest chicken with egg noodle soup and I have to say I really did enjoy it. It is a great way to enjoy soups without all the calories and high sodium that you can get from non-light cans, but the flavor was still very good, in my opinion. It was easy to make, easy to just throw in the bag and take to work and easy to enjoy. They were just big enough to be filling. I look forward to trying many of the other flavors cambell's has to offer in the future!

Houston, TX


It's True, sometimes less is MORE


Sometimes less is more. This is not good when it comes to calories and you are on a diet! I bought Campbell light harvest soups thinking it would be good to keep in my office for when I am hungry or as an alternative to lunch. Even though this is a "light" soup it is loaded with sodium and has a lot of other unheatlhy aspects which counter-balance the "light" part of it all. This soup was also, for lack of a better word, gross. It tasted so salty and had no other flavors. I thought this soup was some of the worst I ever had and it was not satisfying. It would be worth it to eat a full-calorie full-flavored soup with less adverse ingredients and be satisfied, rather than kid myself about a diet with the Campbells harvest soup which leaves me still hungry.

Philadelphia, PA


Don't Select this Harvest


I have eaten Campbell's Select Italian Wedding Soup for a long long time and love it.  It was no longer available in my area (Seattle Area) so I purchased the Select harvest version.  It was the worst soup I have ever tasted in my life.  I cannot even discribe how horrible it is.  They need to go back to the manufacturing the original SELECT version and discontinue this horrible brand.  It made me gag.  I had to throw it out.    

Kirkland, WA


Hmmmm... Can I get a Refund???


  I love Campbell's soup!!!  Never had a problem with their soup until I decided to purchase Select Harvest.   I bought it because my mom was coming down with a cold and she has high blood pressure;  So I thought I would cut down on the sodium and get Select Harvest.   While the sodium content is lower than the regular Campbell's that my whole family loves.  It just doesn't do it.        I packed it up for her lunch and figured she would have some soup to make her feel better and to my surprise when I asked her if I could make her some more soup she looked at me in disgust and went for something else.     I decided to try it and I can see Why it isn't a big hit at home.  I love the idea of making soup healthier and w/less sodium-  But, It has to be possible to make it more appealing to the taste buds.     Don't worry Campbell's I have not given up on you yet!!!   I just will stick with what I know.  

Winthrop, MA


True Story. Hilarious!! This soup is pretty awful.


Well, first let me give you the background story. I just get out of class and head to my on-campus room to get lunch. I decide to try the Campbell's Select Harvest Chicken w/Egg Noodles soup that I had bought recently. I followed the directions and heated it, and tried it, but to my disappointment, this is the worst Campbell's soup I've ever tried! I literally NEVER add salt to anything (I don't want high blood pressure; and I don't the taste of salty food), but to this I added salt because I HAD TO. However, even that didn't help; it still tasted bland. My soup had pretty chunky pieces of carrots, but they were gross, and the noodles were tasteless, and there weren't enough of them for "noodle soup." The chicken was also tasteless and was ground-up kind of strangely. I had to force myself to keep eating it--I had to think of all the hungry and malnourished people! Eventually, though, i got used to the bland taste, and after i was halfway through, it didn't taste AS bad as it did initially. Now for the VERY funny part. I ate most of it, but finally I had to go down the hall to the communal bathroom to dump the remnants down the sink. I washed it up, and cleaned my spoon, and then went to throw the container in the trash can. I tossed it in there, and then something caught my eye. I went a little closer to see if it was what I though it was. It was a container just like the one I had! I went to inspect the label, and sure enough, it was this exact same soup!! Someone else had done the same thing I did: dumped their soup down the drain and threw away the container. So now hopefully no one will fall for the soup because the label makes it look good. All it takes is one try to see it's not any good. I wouldn't recommend this soup AT ALL. And I am sure the girl down the hall would tell you the same thing. Save your money. Buy condensed chicken noodle soup, or the Campbell's Soup at Hand chicken with mini-noodles is quite tasty!! Anything but this. I gave it a 2 for the effort!! Peace, love, joy, Andrea

Jasper, IN


pow baby I liked this!


I just bought a can of this soup & heated it on the stove in a saucepan.  I highly prefer this to Progresso chicken noodle soup. You can actually taste the carrots, celery etc.  The noodles are al dente or cooked precisely until done not overcooked & still slightly firm.  I am a good food afficionado & you may need to add some salt to this & definitely some black pepper but it tastes healthy & flavorful sans sodium. Progresso has turned mushy & metallic over the years.   Come on now gals just a cup or two of soup isn't enough to really fill you up for long.

Saint Louis, MO


Campbell's Select Harvest sounds really good, but yuck-o.


I am a Campbell's soup fan. I even like the basic Campbell's soup where you add water and mostly have water, but I don't think much of the Campbell's Select Harvest chicken with noodles soup. I bought Campbell's Select Harvest, because I thought that would be good to take to work for lunch. Just stick the soup in the microwave in the container after you pop off the metal top and click back on the plastic top. Now - that is easy. Off to work I went with this container of soup and a plastic spoon. I would not be tempted to grab a greasy burger and fries. This would be a good thing. I was feeling all good about myself and my soup lunch plan. I pulled off the plastic top and popped off the metal top. The can still had a ring that looked like metal, but I checked again. That's fine. I don't know what that metal is on the edges of the microwave containter, but it does not blow up the microwave (a good thing). I heated as directed and pulled this out and stirred. The soup does have chicken, noodles and looks like carrot pieces. This is skimpy. The pieces are bigger than the old childhood chicken noodle soups, but there's sure not much of that in there. I think I saw maybe three pieces of chicken. And, they were small. I spooned the soup out, and then it was mostly broth in there. This was like old times with the very basic Campbell's soups (when you drink it or sop it up with soda crackers) - except the broth is not good. The taste to me was like corn starch for thickening, and I do not like that taste. Too sweet. But, mostly just no flavor at all. While this soup, like most all canned soups, packed some heavy salt, you sure could not tell it. The soup part of the soup was like hospital soup but a little thicker like corn starch flavor. Ick. I did eat the stuff out of the soup, but I could not manage that broth. With the amount in there, I must say I spent the afternoon most famished. Three little chunks of chicken about the size of peas and perhaps a 1/4 cup of noodles just don't it for me. The carrot things aren't even worth talking about. All in all, that was a lame lunch. I suppose it could have been worse, so life does go on. I sure won't buy that again. Good idea. Bad execution.      

southern, NC


This soup should be called 'Greasy Broth with a Little Stuff'.


***Quick View:*** I used to be a big soup fan. My mother would make chicken soup from scratch and it was delish. Later, I loved Mrs. Grass Soup. There's nothing like an egg filled with fat and a million stick noodles to satisfy my hunger. I haven't been eating much soup lately because it doesn't seem to fill me up. But, Campbell's promised that** Campbell's Select Harvest Chicken w/Egg Noodles Soup** would. It didn't and it didn't even taste that good.**About Campbell's Select Harvest Chicken w/Egg Noodles Soup**The soup I had was in a microwavable can with a vented lid. It was 15.3 ounces which seems like a good amount for a lunch BUT a serving size is just eight ounces. So someone else gets the extra 7.3 ounces of soup and has to settle for almost a serving. Right. They know we'll eat it all. It's soup!Anyway, Campbells claims that the Select Harvest soups are made from farm-grown vegetables, wholesome grains, and 100% natural white meat chicken with no artificial flavors or MSG. That's a good thing. What I can't figure out is where the fat is coming from. Each SERVING has 4 grams of fat. And if you eat the whole can like everyone will, you'll be eating almost 8 grams of fat in a bowl of soup. The first thing I noticed is that this soup is more broth than anything else. There are some twisty noodles, a few tiny carrot chunks, and very few microscopic pieces of chicken. Once I ate all the "stuff", I was left with more than one half of a can of plain broth and that broth wasn't very tasty. It was bland and oily (That must be where the fat is.) and actually seemed to need salt! I know soups are very salty but this one tasted like it needed something, anything. I didn't drink the broth. My dog did. He even left some behind.The nutritional facts for this soup are as follows but, remember, this is for an eight ounce serving. NOT for the the whole 15.3 ounce can. *Calories 120Total Fat 4gSat. Fat 1gTrans Fat 0gCholesterol 25mgSodium 480mgTotal Carb. 12gSugars 2%Dietary Fiber 1gProtein 8g*It's high in sodium bit doesn't taste like it. The fat is not horrible if you eat just one half of the microwavable bowl. 8 grams of fat for soup is a lot. In fact, if you eat the whole bowl, nearly 240 calories is a lot for this soup considering it is sparse on the noodles and even sparser on the carrots and chicken. It's the broth that's evil!I wouldn't buy or eat this soup again. I hate sneaky packaging that makes you feel like it's one serving but really isn't and I didn't enjoy the taste. It was bland and oily. There wasn't enough stuff in it to fill me up and I was left with a half of a can of clear broth at the end. Greasy clear broth. Yuck.For someone like my husband, who is eternally thin and always on the go, a can of this soup may be a good snack. He doesn't worry about fat, calories, or sodium and doesn't really have to. For someone like me, who DOES worry about all that and who wants to be satisfied after a small meal, this soup doesn't cut it. I think I'll go back to Mrs. Grass's soup in the box. At least I loved every spoonful of that - broth and all. If I'm going to throw away almost 8 grams of fat and 240 calories, why not enjoy it?***My Viewpoint*****Campbell's Select Harvest Chicken w/Egg Noodles Soup** is oh so average. There is nothing special about it and it doesn't make my taste buds do a happy dance. It isn't even filling unless I drink the broth and I don't like the taste of the broth. This soup isn't going to kill you or make you gain 10 pounds if you eat it but I'd rather have something more tasty and less bait and switchy. You and I know that those microwavable bowls of soup are not going to be split into two. Campbell's knows too or they would have made a 16 ounce can rather than a 15.3 ounce one. Why stop at *almost* two servings? ***3 stars***. I can't recommend it because I think there are much better, tastier, and healthier soups out there.

The heart of , NY


Campbell's Select Harvest Chicken w/Egg Noodles Soup

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