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CVS Fine Mist Sunless Tanning Spray - Deep

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In this case, cheap is not the way to go.


I purchased this sunless tanner because I did not have a lot of money and it was cheap. I bought this to use before I went to a wedding and used it the next night. It is a spray that was not too hard to apply. It sprays out quickly, so I had to work to keep it from streaking. I sprayed it on and took my time to avoid the streaking and I tried to keep it from looking splotchy. It seemed to apply fairly well and I did not think it would be too bad. Unfortunately, it was very bad. I mean that I did not want to go to the wedding the next day, it was so bad. I should have known better and tried it the week before, but I just really wanted to look tanned for this event. My skin turned out orange. And that is not kind of orange, it was ORANGE. The color was supposed to a be a deep tanned brown color, but I looked like I had bathed in self tanner and soaked myself in it. I was so upset. I took four showers and it helped but not as well as I would have wanted. It took about a week before my skin looked even kind of normal. This is a terrible product. I tell everyone that asks me about self tanner how bad it is. I do not recommend it.



no rainchecks for products that are on sale


I have had this same problem at Cvs a few times and its very frustrating.  Cvs has offered 3 day sales .  Starting on Sunday  to Tuesday.  I have gone to the store at 12noon on Sunday and all the products are gone.  Either they say the've sold out or they never got them in.  They will not write rainchecks for three day sales.   I went to 3 different stores in my area.  All items were sold out.   All stating that they will not write rainchecks for these items.  I went on Monday and again on Tuesday, they never got the items in.  If they have a sale for three days they should have enough of a supply to cover 3 days.  If not then they should supply rainchecks for those items..  

Manheim, PA


CVS Fine Mist Sunless Tanning Spray - Deep

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