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CP Technologies
CP Technologies LevelOne Wireless Router

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very very cheap quality router


I brought this router from www. where I got the rebate and this router costed me approximately 10 bucks. You get the product for what you pay. Cheap items are really cheap in quality. They offer you rebates and other deals because item is poor in quality and they want to get rid of it quickly. Router was okay for almost couple of months. Then it started showing its cheap quality. whenever I try to download something (even very small files), router would automatically disconnect from the internet, download stops and the router would again reconnect with the internet. This happened again and again. I had to contact CP one technology customer support. They were unable to sort out the problem and politely told me that this particular router is "**defective**" and "**CP technology no longer makes these routers anymore**". Now this router is NOT working at all. So any one who wants to offer you **CP technology WBR-3406TX** (even free with just shipping cost), do not buy it. you are going to loose your shipping cost. Despite knowing the fact that these routers are defective and it is CP technology's fault they are not ready to replace my router and tells me that this is not their fault and I have to deal with On the other hand my item is out of's return period. I am stuck with this router. Though this is a cheap router and money is not an issue here. The issues are1. Never buy electronic items from "cheap" companies2. Be extremely cautious when buying item which offers rebates..These items are usually defective or over stocked because no one is buyng those items. 3. Never buy items from less known electronic companies even if they are offering your good amount of rebates. You will loose your money, not now but surely in future.  4. CP technology delibrately sold me this defective router under "rebate" skim, despite knowing the fact that these routers are defective. They just wanted to get rid of these router at any cost (even at customer's dissatisfaction).

Nanuet, NY


Wireless router makes Internet access a breeze!


With my not having any networking experience, I installed a secure network with this router in 4.5 days!  The trouble is that it only comes with a CD with the user's manual, and instructions that are only useful once you get to the setup page.  The trick is finding the http:// URI (it is not www) towards the end of the manual.  Once you have connected the router to a power outlet and to a live internet jack, plug the URL into your web browser and then follow the instructions.  The other thing to watch out for is that the bottom of the router gets fairly warm, so put it on a hard surface and not on cloth or fabric. The router works wonderfully!  It only has one antenna, which is sufficient.  There are multiple options to password-protect the network, name it, and do many other things with it.  I purchased it off of [][1] , where they are constantly offering rebate deals on electronics and other products. [1]:

Chicago, IL


CP Technologies LevelOne Wireless Router

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