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Bumble bee
Bumble Bee Fancy Smoked Oysters

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I love Bumble Bee Fancy Smoked Oysters. Great low cal snack.


I simpy love these oysters.  I have been on a diet for four months and have lost 60 lbs.  These smoked oysters and a few low salt crackers,  have been my in between meal snack.  They are filling, delicious and surprisingly low in calories.   As I stated, I have lost 60 lbs.  I catch them on sale and buy 5 or 6 at a time.  The're great!


Milwaukee, WI


Everyone should have a funky little food fetish


If anyone wants to get me a random little treat, then a can of Bumble Bee Fancy Smoked Oysters is a good bet. They're aren't really expensive, but I don't generally buy them. I'm the only one here who will eat them, so they're my personal little guilty pleasure. I put them on my holiday list and am always happy to have a can of these tasty little smoked oysters. I should mention that I do like oysters. I will eat them steamed or fried or in dressing. They are strongest, of course, steamed. The smoked ones in a can would probably be the best bet for anyone not so sure about oysters. They are definately oysters but not as extreme as the big old fat ones smoked or fried. The first time I had Bumble Bee smoked oysters was when I ate Thanksgiving dinner with a professor. They were served in a little bowl. They looked kind of gross, but I'm game for most anything. I tried one and then another and another. I didn't even realize they were oysters so asked what the little blobs were in the bowl. I think I worded it better than that. I hope so. Smoked oysters are about the size of a thimble or smaller. They are packed in a greenish oil, or the oil turns greenish when introduced to the oysters. They don't, to be honest, look very appetizing. But, they have a great smoked taste with a hint of the sea. The cans are what I think of as sardine cans. They're flat. You have a pull top. If you bust the pull top off, then you can use a can opener. This is the voice of experience. The oysters keep fine in the fridge for several days. I pull them out and have a couple, usually with crackers. I never have to share which is unusual around here. The boys would not touch these - trust me. They are all mine, mine, mine.


southern, NC


Bumble Bee Fancy Smoked Oysters

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