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Brut Antiperspirant Deodorant

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brut antiperspirant


i am very disappointed in this product it doesn't last all day and it also evaporates from the tin my hubby has 3 tins that were all nearly full but are now nearly empty,he has used nothing esle in over 20 yrs but this problem has only just been happening what is wrong



Awful deodorant!


My boyfriend uses Brut aftershave and loves it, so he decided to try their deodorant, thinking that it would be a great product like their aftershave. Wrong idea! He applied the Brut deodorant that morning and a couple of hours later, I noticed that he did not smell like he had applied deodorant. I thought that maybe the problem was that he sweats a lot. I tried it after that, and I also began to smell stinky after a few hours passed. We were appalled at the Brut deodorant. We really expected a lot more from such a good brand. Very disappointing!



Brut Antiperspirant Deodorant. You have to be kidding me!


Ok so I try this product just because of interest. I'm at the store and open this up to see if smelled anything like the after shave I use. The smell is identical which motivated me to purchase this. I figured, "What a combination of great smelling products!" Also, on the deodorant container it says 24 hour protection and this added to my curiosity. It states it's going to provide 24 hour protection? Ha ha ha! Protection from what exactly? If they meant perspiring smell boy were they wrong. This thing is only good until it leaves the store. I mean come on what a complete insult to a strong brand name. Hey I am not the creator of this product nor the name but a man can't go around thinking this deodorant is going to save him from under arm smell! I'm just lucky and glad I tried this now and not during the hot, hazy, and humid summer! I'm also glad I didnt have this on during my work hours. Wearing this in the gym would be a total embarrassment to me. I'm happy my wife didnt come near me when I was wearing this. What a nightmare it will be if I was on a crowded bus and I was standing holding on to the rail with my arms extended. I'm so disgusted by this thing I may even change my after shave back to Aqua Velvet! I can't believe I tried this piece of garbage! This goes in the trash like right now!

Bronx, NY


Brut Antiperspirant Deodorant is great


I am writing for my hubby, he has ALWAYS used Brut's Deoderant, for the over 15 years that I've known him. He loves that its scent is that of his cologn, so he doesn't have mingled scents. He likes that it works well for his lifestyle. He doesn't feel like he's left with a heavy scent. It's also great quality for a low price. Just what we are looking for in this day and age. Not frilly or feminine...defenantly a nice masculine product. It keeps him dry and confident as he goes about his day. In his line of work he is among clients all day and has perfect confidence that he is going to be able to be near them without be offensive in any way! It is defenantly a product that he will continue to use for years to come. And I as his wife will continue to encourage it as I love the great musky scent that Brut has! Great product, great quality, low price and the scent is just the same as it's always been! It is defenantly a trade mark of the Brut brand. Love it!

Essex Junction, VT


You want to be alone in the bar? Wear Brut Deodorant!


I bought Brut Antiperspirant Deodorant for my boyfriend. Brut has long-standing product name recognition, and I opened the cap to smell and enjoyed the scent. However, that is where the pleasantness with this product ended. My BF works outside doing landscaping, and he needs an anti-perspirant deodorant which stands up to the challenge. When he came home from work the first day using Brut, he smelled horrible - worse than his usual 'I work outdoors and sweat a lot' odor. He told me that he thought that the deodorant that I got him had something wrong with it. I disbelieved him - how could Brut have failed so miserably? The next day, the same result. So, on Saturday, I made him shower, apply the Brut, and just laze around with me. After only a few hours, he started smelling poorly. Brut was making him smell worse!!! Even when he was doing nothing to cause odor, he was odorous. Thankfully, I changed deodorants and he now is back to his lovely smelling self! Brut Antiperspirant Deodorant, though, isn't worth the packaging...in fact, its value is negative as not only does it not do its intended job, but it does the opposite and creates BAD odor!

Miami, OK


Brut Antiperspirant Deodorant

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