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Brown Stove Works TEM721-DK Electric Single Oven

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Not for me.


When we bought our second home in a town where my parents lived, it came with all the appliances and this was the stove that came with the house. We didn't have enough money at the moment to totally redo everything, so we just had to use it for the time being. I tried to make breakfast the first morning that we had stayed, I was cooking home made biscuits inside of it and within ten minutes of it being preheated, it was already smoking and my biscuits were burnt. I gave it a few more tries and over and over again, even with adjusting temperatures, everything would burn and it would get far hotter than it said that it was. It does not have enough settings on it, I do not like that it is very plain and makes it harder to cook with. The burners on the top always worked really well and never got too hot, but the oven itself seems to have problem after problem and nothing ever comes out of it right. Design This is not very visually appealing, it is kind of ugly and does not match well with many other appliances, it does not fit in.



Brown Stove Works TEM721-DK Electric Single Oven

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