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Brother Project Runway Edition Mechanical Sewing Machine LS2250PRW

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I'm a beginner, and this machine is perfect for me!


I got this machine LAST Christmas as a gift and didn't even pull it out of the box until just recently because I was intimidated by the idea of even threading the needle for the first time. I had never really used a sewing machine before but I really wanted to learn. But with the help of the accompanying DVD, and the easy to use design, I am sewing Christmas gifts/crafts for people this year. Look at me, I'm CRAFTING! Yay! One thing I get irritated with though, and it may be just because I am so new and don't really know what I am doing yet, is that while I am finishing a line (reverse and forward motion) , the machine sometimes does this weird thing where it has four strings attached to the fabric instead of the two (top and bottom) threads and then it jams. It only happens sometimes and only when I try to finish a line of stitching with a reverse. Stitch Performance Great except for that little issue stated above. But otherwise, it does good strong stitching in whatever type of stitch I select. Ease of Use Not bad at all! I am a first-timer on using a machine and was able to begin sewingn without any prior training. My mom gave me a few pointers here and there but I'm mostly a self-study. Fabric Handling No complaints! It doesn't bunch too bad and feeds through very nicely. Versatility Its a sewing machine! You can do anything with it! Design Since I am new, I don't know if there is a better design out there. But I am not unsatisfied with this one. Durability Have not used this long, but it seems like it will last me a long time.

Oklahoma City, OK


I love this Brother LS2250 Project runway sewing machine


wow, where to start! this is a great sewing machine, i got it for my wife for a valentines day present and im so glad i did, she was Very grateful! it not only comes with a step by step user manual but it also includes a wonderful step by step dvd that tells alot of different kinds of projects and techinques that my wife didn't even know and she has been sewing and doing crafts ther entire life. since we bought this she has made a number of dresses, for her and our daughter, pajamas for everyone, halloween costumes for next year and even curtains and blankets. this is the most versitile machine i have ever seen. it came with an extra needle, 2 bobbins, and it even has an embroiderry track, which my wife finds astounding! she has been working on a dragon patch for a few days now, it looks amazing. i had no idea that a simple sewing machine had soooo much potential. this is the best gift i have ever given her she says, even better then her wedding ring... im not sure what that means to be honest but it must be good, lol!

Sandy Lake, PA


The Brother Sewing Machine is fashionable


The Brother sewing machine does just about everything that I need for it to do.  It is simple to use and makes good looking stitches for my pillow cases that I make.  It is light weight and easy to move from one room to the next without any problems.  The only thing that I would like to have had more options for making stitches.

Johnson City, TN


Brother Project Runway Edition Mechanical Sewing Machine LS2250PRW

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