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Ls 590
Brother Mechanical Sewing Machine LS590

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Easy to use for Beginners


This sewing machine is easy to use for a beginner like me. The bobbin is easy and the machine is easy to thread. It's lightweight and portable.

Ashford, AL


My easy, portable, and lightweight Brother LS590


This machine LS590 has been an easy and affordable sewing machine for many of my hobbies. Stitch Performance There are many varieties to choose from with the stitch options such as style and size. Ease of Use With a built-in free arm, built-in thread system, and jam resistant drop-in top bobbin, this makes my machine an easy and simple way to create!



The Brother LS-590 Sewing Machine is Great For Sewing


A couple of years ago i bought the Brother LS-590 Sewing Machine to make several different things with it. I have made all kinds of crafts like hand bags and scarves with this sewing machine and i have not had one problem with it. It is an all around great sewing machine for anyone to own in their home. I have taught a couple of people to sew on this particular machine and they have liked it also. With the pedal it has you can go slow or fast, whichever you feal comfortable with. I like the fact that it has a lot of different stitch patterns to choose from. This way i can sew many different things with one machine. Brother has created a high quality sewing machine here with the LS- 590 model. It didn't cost an arm and a leg eithor. The price was very reasonable for the quality. I am still frequently sewing items with this machine and selling them at swap meets or yard sales and making money this way too. If i count up the things i have sewn and sold with this machine, i would say that the profits paid for the machine and so this is even better.

Greenbrier, AR


brother sewing machines are durable and easy to use!


A few years ago I recieved a Brother sewing machine for christmas. I found the product to be durable and easy to use. I enjoy making my own purses and such and this really did the job. Brother helped me live my little girl dream of being a fashion designer, even if no one pays for my products.

Hamilton, OH


Brother Mechanical Sewing Machine LS590

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