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Brinks/Broadview Home Security
Brinks/Broadview Home Security BHS-4000A

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I feel safer just knowing we have it in our home.


We live in a generally quiet and safe neighborhood, but with the economy the way it is crime was on the rise all over.  One day, after being away from home only about an hour, I came home to find that someone had been in my backyard, probably attempting to get in my back door.  After talking with police, my husband and I decided it was time to get a security system.  We checked into reviews, etc., and found that the Brinks system was not only rated highest by consumer groups, but also by law enforcment groups.  And the price we got through a Brinks distributor in town was more than comparable to other systems.  The installation was completed in one day, and the system fits our lifestyle very well.  It is adjustable, in case we need to have fewer windows or doors alarmed.  The type of alarms we can have are also adjustable, ranging from a simple beep if a door is opened, to a door chime, to a full blast of bullhorns that will surely wake the entire neighborhood if it ever goes off for real.  And, a big bonus is that our homeowner's insurance rates went down considerably after we had the system installed.  Factoring that rate change into the cost of the system, and basically all we paid for was the installation.  The monthly cost is offset by the insurance savings.  Overall, we are very glad we had this system installed. 


Boise, ID


Brinks/Broadview Home Security BHS-4000A

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