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Ice Cream, Low calorie treat
Breyers No Sugar Added Double Churned Ice Cream

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Full flavor ice cream without the guilt


The Breyer's No Sugar Added Double Churn Ice Cream is the best no sugar ice cream I have found on the market and it comes in a variety of flavors. I have had the chocolate fudge brownie and the first time I tried it I couldn't believe it didn't have any sugar. You can't even tell! This is a great indulgent dessert for those who are dieting. A single serving only has 90 calories and 1.5g of fat. I'm sure the other flavors would be just as good. I recommend to anyone with a sweet tooth.

Mount Vernon, IL


Breyers no sugar double churned-smooth and creamy


I am a total ice cream addict and this ice cream is very very good. The fact that Breyers is natural and there is no added sugar is a great help for people trying to cut down on sugar content. The double churn is smooth, creamy and sinfully velvety.

Folsom, PA


High in Taste Not Sugar


I love the summer because it is a great excuse to eat ice cream everyday.  I love this sugar free ice cream from Breyer's because you lose the sugar, but not the taste.  Breyer's No Sugar Added Double Slow Churned Ice Cream is so great.  Each serving has between 90-110 calories and is low in fat and calories and of course sugar.  It comes in great flavors.  I have tried the Chocolate Fudge Brownie which tastes very chocolatey and has small pieces of chocolate mixed in.  My favorites are the basic chocolate and french vanilla because they are so high in flavor and taste so similar to full sugared ice cream.  I like the consistency of this ice cream because it is a little lighter and tastes great.  This is the perfect dessert without the guilt of lots of sugar.

Las Vegas, NV


Tastes so good you do not miss the sugar


  I was recently diagnosed as diabetic. So I have been reworking old favorites to make them better suited for my new diet and healthy lifestyle. With Summer here and so many fresh berries and hot days well I needed a good Ice Cream. I saw this with it's label that said No sugar and was a little scared. I gave it a try anyway. Wow am I glad I did.   This ice cream has proven a great find. It has no after taste as some artificial sweetener items have. It is not bland, it really has a satisfying sweetness. I can have a small bowl for dessert or snack and stay well in the limits of my diet. The great part about it is though it tastes Great.  It is creamy and lots of flavor.  I use it with low fat milk for a small milk shake, I use it with strawberries fresh from the Farmers market. I can even add half a biscuit and strawberries and a scoop of vanilla of this and it is better than the Roy Rogers Strawberry shortcakes that I crave each summer. There are many flavors So far I have had the Chocolate with fudge brownie, chocolate with chocolate chunks and French Vanilla. All of them taste great. Even better is my kids love it . They had no idea it was sugar free until I told them.

Frederick, MD


Breyers No Sugar Added Double Churned Ice Cream

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