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Breville 9292533 2-Speed Handheld Blender

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Only lasted for 3 uses


I was excited to try this blender but was let down after it stopped working after three times. I used it to make mashed potatoes and pasta sauce. It was easy to use and clean.





Loved the quick easy use for all my cooking needs:)



I would buy this again does an excellent job


Drinks soups or purées

Pikeville Kentucky


Very good quality


I always use this product whenever I make a smoothie or making a soup. What I love with this blender is it is easy to use very convenient and effective. It is also easy to clean and store no big spaces needed.

Sugar Land Texas


Efficient and Quick


The blender works very well, blending my ingredients almost instantly, however the noise it produce is terrible. Blending Power I must remark that the efficiency of this blender is amazing, it blends anything I throw in in an instant. Versatility I have only used it for various purposes, namely, blending fruits, drinks, milkshakes. It probably can be used for many other purposes as well. Ease of Cleaning Cleaning is easier than generic blenders, but it is difficult to scrub in the tiny spaces Ease of Use Simple to use, simply put the ingredients in and with the click of a button, everything is blended. Design The design is appealing with the slick design, totally worlds apart from the generic blender. However although the aesthetic aspect is not compromised, there need to be more done to improve the loud noises created during blending. Durability I have been using it for over a month now. I have experience no technical deficiencies as yet.



Love my Breville Hand Blender


We recently purchased the Breville 9292533 2 Speed Handheld Blender. My husband loves to make milkshakes. He used to do it by hand with a tall glass and wooden spoon and a potato masher. As good as they are, the mess and cleanup was more than I could handle! I purchased the Breville, hoping it would make the milkshake preparation much quicker and make clean up easier. It did the trick! It is super easy to use and clean, and I don't end up with milk and/or ice cream all over my kitchen!

Jacksonville, FL


Breville 9292533 2-Speed Handheld Blender

4.5 6