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Bremenn Reseach Labs
Bremenn Reseach Labs Hylexin Serious Dark Circles Creme

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ok hylexin dark circle creme


I have really bad dark circles under my eyes, I have had them all my life and I am very fair skined so it's really bad, I have tried everything. I finally splurged for this serious dark circle eye creme and I dont think I would buy it again. I have been using it for 3 weeks now and notice nothing. Sure after you put it on it gives it a little shine of brightness to it but once I wash it off it is gone, it's nothing permenant, if I wanted something like this I could use a concealer. I thought this would be something that helps correct the problem not try to cover it which it really doesnt do either. Kind of dissapointed, especially for the price and considering the box had the picture with the girl and black under her eyes, i thought it would actually do something but really i havent noticed anything yet. It's not very moisturizing either.

Adelanto, CA


I would give this 1/2 stars if allowed


Bremenn Research Labs has another product that they should have done more research on before releasing.  This product claims to remove "serious dark circles".  It doesn't.  I bought this online from a TV show segment called "Jill's Steals and Deals" as part of a package promising to greatly improve the look of your eyes.  It was quite pricey, but didn't deliver.  I have a problem with dark undereye circles.  These may be due in part to allergies, and chronic sinus problems.  I use a good concealer, but wish there was something to fade these circles.  This product comes in a little tube, .5 fl.oz.  It says it contains Hylexin, not sure what that is.  You are supposed to apply a tiny amount and massage gently in a circular motion to the undereye area, twice a day.  I did exactly as directed.  I saw no change or improvement in the darkness of the circles under my eyes after using for a month.  I wanted to give it a fair chance.  It did nothing.  I still had to use concealer to cover the circles.  Do not waste your money on this one, or the eyelid firming creme.  Neither one lives up to the claims.

Elburn, IL


Bremenn Reseach Labs Hylexin Serious Dark Circles Creme

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