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Breadman Plus Bread Maker

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great little machine


This is a great little machine. does what is says it does. only problems i'm finding is it's either the operator or the machine ( think it's the operator ) the bread when done is squished down and heavy. easy to operate and understand, the other problem the paddle sticks into the bread.



Fast and easy for recreational breadmaking


I love my Breadman bread maker!  I had tried to make bread a few times without a machine and found it took too much time, especially as I have two young kids.  This machine makes wonderful bread.  It is easy to use and easy to clean.  My kids like watching the ball of dough roll around inside the machine and are quite entertained by the sound that it makes.  It is a little louder than I expected but you get used to the sound of the paddle swirling around. The recipes that come with the machine are very basic recipes and ok for tried and true breads such as standard baguette.  The machine operates very well for things outside the standard.  I've used it to make cinnamon rolls, pan au chocolate, and even chutney.  I find that I have to spray the paddle with a little oil to ensure that it detaches from the pan after use, but that is easy enough to do. The one thing about it that I don't like is that it has a big footprint.  I don't have the space on my countertop but only use it about once a month so I store it in a cabinet.

Collegeville, PA


The Breadman TR-700 performs, but is noisy!


I received the Breadman TR-700 automatic bread machine as a gift and I was very excited to learn how it works and to begin making my own bread.  I found the process to be extremely easy.  There really is no work in making the bread.  The true work is waiting for it to come out of the machine and cool before eating it.  All you have to do is pour in your wet ingredients, then pour in your dry ingredients, set the machine to the proper setting, and wait.  The manual explains what to expect, which I found to be helpful because the idea of baking bread, machine or not, is almost completely foreign to me.  The settings are not as advanced as some newer bread machines on the market, but it does the job.  My only complaint is that the kneeding cycles are quite, but they do not last long, and it is worth the noise for the finished product.  I know my mother-in-law will be impressed!  Yes, I would recommend this product to friends who enjoy fresh foods.

Fort Wayne, IN


Breadman Plus Bread Maker

3.3 3