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Braun Multiquick Deluxe Hand Blender and Chopper

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Sorry it took me so long to use this!


I received this a wedding gift several years ago, but never used it until a couple years ago. I now have it mounted in my kitchen for weekly use. This little all in one mixer, blender, chopper is wonderful. I use it to to make sure dips are mixed well, to make soup creamy, and incorporate my herbs in my pasta sauce. I wish I would picked it up sooner to use. I absolutely love it.


Bradford, NH


Braun MultiQuick was a surprise hit


I bought my Braun MultiQuick several years ago when I was doing a lot of cooking but I only used it once or twice. A friend and I took an Indian cooking class and we both bought one of these. My friend loved hers but I wasn't too crazy about mine so it ended up sitting in a drawer for years as it just seemed to make a mess whenever I used it. Until last summer when my dad had oral surgery and several teeth removed. He was on a mooshy soft diet for several months and my mom mentioned that she was going to try a stick blender to blend up some of his food. Instead, I gave her my barely used Braun Multiquick and it was a lifesaver! Both she and I used it to blend up canned fruit like peaches and pears into an applesauce consistency. We also used it to blitz small quantities of potatoes and various other veggies to make them easier for my dad to eat. The cup feature is really nice as you can put things right inside, blend, serve or eat from the container, then cover it and save the leftovers quickly and easily. After my dad started getting better and able to eat more substantial foods, we continued to use the MultiQuick to chop up cooked meats a bit to tenderize them and make them easier to chew than a big hunk of tough meat. He really likes meatballs as well so the MultiQuick was great for chopping the onion up very finely so there were not large chunks or piece of those either. This prouduct was truly a lifesaver for us in those first months after my dad's surgery.


Annapolis, MD


Braun Single Speed handheld blender / mixer is great!


It's funny that I am raving about this blender because someone gave it to me a few years ago and it literally sat in my drawer for years! I got it out a few months ago and now I am kicking myself for not using it more often! This thing is great! I have used it for sauces, soup bases and almost daily for protein shakes. I love love love it! Mine has the detachable section that houses the blade so cleanup is a breeze, just pop it off and toss it in the dishwasher. It also has a mixer attachment but I have yet to use it. (maybe for dinner tonight) haha The only complaint I have about it is that sometimes it sprays the shake out of the cup so I need to wrap a towel around the top to keep that from happening. It may have something to do with only having one speed or it is probably MY fault since I have a tendancy to overfill the cup. I will also add that you should use the cup that it came with. I tried mixing my shake in one of my own plastic cups and ended up chopping a hole in the bottom of the cup! whoops! Still, I would def recommend that you have one of these as a kitchen staple. Just don't let it sit in the drawer like I did!


Edmond, OK


Great Versatile machine!


The Braun Multiquick Deluxe Hand Blender and Chopper is a versatile piece of equipment. This little piece of equipment can take the place of a blender and it's easier to clean because you can blend your smoothie right in your tall drinking glass. Making whip cream with the whisk attachment is much faster and easier than by hand. The separate attachments make this machine extremely versatile. I can chop, whip, puree, blend, and mix all types of foods with one piece of equipment. This hand held machine is easy to use and hold and easy to switch attachments. The only con is that it requires an electric outlet since it is not battery operated. But then it will have more power to chop, whip, and mix. Great versatile machine!


Fremont, CA


This hand blender is a true multi-purpose tool!


I have an older version of this unit and it has lasted us nearly 10 years. I absolutely LOVE it and we use it frequently. The unit makes the standard milkshake and such, but the chopper attachment/bowl is such an amazing addition. I have used this unit to make baby food for all three of our children and it works unbelievably well. It handles meat, rice, veggies... anything I throw at it with ease! The unit is easy to clean and the blades have stayed as sharp as new even after years and years of use. The chopper is what I normally use for the baby food, and it works equally well for chopped nuts. The main blade on mine actually powers the chopper, but I've read that the new/updated units work a little differently, but the reviews on those seem very good as well.


Carey, OH


efficient and long lasting


This was a great blender I owned until last week when its motor died. I was hoping for it to last little longer but I guess the paste I was making in the chopper was a little thick for the machine to take. But while it lasted it was great, it blended, meshed and chopped well. It was easy to clean, but it did splash liquid around only two negatives I have about it is that it has only one speed option and it is not as powerful with 200 Mhz and I would have preferred a higher mhz. Another negative is there is a little 'quarter' sized part on top of the chopper, it used to stay in its place in the chopper lid for about 2 years and then it kept on coming off. It is so easy to lose it because it keeps coming out when you wash and dry. Once that is lost the whole chopper is of no use. So this part could use better engineering to give convenient handling for its buyers. I will recommend that to anyone who is looking for a long lasting blender system.


Omaha, NE


So versatile & easy to use!


I just love the Braun Multi-quick Deluxe Hand Blender and chopper! I received it as a wedding gift almost 5 years ago and use it almost weekly, if not more in my kitchen. When I first got the Braun my husband's aunt told me how she used her almost daily and thought she'd share the wonder of it with others. Boy am I ever glad she did! The Braun does everything from whipping up cake batters, from mashing potatoes to chopping oreo cookies for my desserts. I cannot rave enough about how versatile this product is and how useful it has been to me in the kitchen. I also like how easy it is to clean the blades, bowl and accessories. I just pop them in my dishwasher sections and they're super clean when they come out. I highly reccomend giving one of these as a wedding gift, because no doubt that any woman would love to have one of these in her kitchen. Who wouldn't want the convience and verstality of a product like this? I highly reccomend this product for sure!




Braun Hand Blender and Chopper Handy for Certain items


The Braun hand blender and chopper really is a convenient tool to have in your kitchen. The hand blender is perfect for soups, gravys and sauces. The chopper works great for the larger items such as onions, nuts etc. I do find that there are times that I have to put things in the chopper before I use the blender, otherwise the blender does not do that great of a job. For example, adding fresh spices such as basil to dressings etc, often get stuck and not blended with the hand blender and it can be annoying. It is super easy to clean so much easier then other choppers and bigger blenders. It also has a wall mount in the event that you want it easily accessable on a wall or inside a cabinet.   I know some people feel they don't need a food processor if they own this, however I have to disagree. This tool really doesn't do the job for bigger items and you have to spend a lot of time cutting things down to a size that the blender/chopper can manage.


Glastonbury, CT


This Braun Hand Blender is absolutely amazing


We got this hand blender/food chopper for our wedding 9 1/2 years ago.  We use it a LOT!  We use the chopper the most often from anything from chopping up onions for tacos to making baby food.  My husband is big into making and canning salsa.  Can you believe you used this little thing to do all the work??  It's simple to use with just one button to push in and hold to make it go and just let it go to stop.  No fiddling with buttons and figuring out which way to flip the switch.  It comes with more attachments and we use the whisk regularly too.  If our house was on fire and we could only grab one thing from the kitchen, I would definitely take this with.  We have taken this with us when we go to other people's houses or cooking at an event.  It's small and compact so it's easy to take along.  After 9 1/2 years it is on it's last leg but it has given us our money's worth and more!  There is no need for a big food processor with this around!


Minneapolis, MN


Braun is a versitile, economical stick blender


My 200 watt Braun hand-held stick blender is one of my favorite multi-taskers for the kitchen.  I use it all the time to chop nuts in the mini food processor attachment and to blend homemade salad dressings in the included cup with the blender attachment.  It also works wonderfully to process homemade spaghetti sauce smooth while cooking on the stove-top, as well as many soups.  The versitility of this hand-held gaget is amazing!  At times, I have wished that the mini food processor had a larger capacity, as I've had to process things in several batches at times, but then, I probably should have hauled out my regular-sized food processor to handle the bigger jobs.  I just love the ease of set-up and use available in this blender.  The parts and attachments come off of the power handle well, and clean up easily.  I would definitely recommend this to someone who was looking for a great multi-tasker in a small size.


Mosheim, TN


Braun Multiquick Deluxe Hand Blender and Chopper

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