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Bowflex Treadclimber

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Another good product.


the bowflex stair stepper is amazing!! first off it has a spot where you can plug in your tunes if you want. It tracks how many miles you have ran or should I say have stair stepped a mile. Anyways it monitors heart rate, how fast your running, what your average speed,set timers and everything,best lap. Pretty much all the stuff you could expect from another good product from bow flex. I have had mine for 2 weeks and its a good work out for the legs. I would definately tell a friend about this product. Nothing short of amazing


Scottsdale, AZ


enjoy using it


If you like to walk and watch any kind of programs on your tv this is great because it helps you get through your routine and you can enjoy it in the privacy of your own home. Then the shower is waiting for you and you feel so alive. This is my Bowflex 5000!!!!!


Red Wing, MN


bowflex tc5000


i bought a tread climber in 2005 at that time it was the best that they had. the claim then was that it was a health club quality equipment i had at that time been going to the gym for about 4 years 6 to 7 days a week doinr cardio on elipticals and stair climbers 30 to 45 min aday before working out with weights. health club equipment is used by multable pepole multable times aday. the first month i owned it i used it 30 min aday and the motor was burnig up and it went out ive replaced the motor 7 times since 2005 along with other parts a few times. and the first time i called them they said you are using it more than 3 times a week 20 min aday. im like your comercail doesnt say you can only use it 3 times a week  20 min aday or it will tear up. iy says you only need to use it 3 times a week 20 min aday to loose weight and that it is health club quality equipment. i was already in shape my main use was to cut down on my time at the gym. so they had nothing else to say and ive been replacing parts every since. i dont use it much for that reason and when it goes bad again im just going to get rid of it. and buy the same brand name equipment you find in health clubs glad i never gave up my gym member ship. if you have owned a tread cilmber and have had better luck with it thats great. i have no ill feeling towards bowflex i just wont buy any more of there cardio equipment but on the plus side i own their select tech weights and stand and a bow flex weight bench and they are great for extra workouts at home.im sure there equipment has improved over the last few years but its not for me


Stamping Ground, KY


Bowflex Treadclimber

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