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Tony Little
Tony Little Rock 'n Roll Stepper

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I love love mine but mine just broke we bought this when it 1st came out where can I buy new It small easy to use and keeps I healthy and light Wright quite I watch YouTube or tv while doing and YouTube haves videos on what to do s exercises love



Rockin to the roller!!


Birthday gift to myself! This along with determination helps in the battle of the bulge. Its inexpensive and comes with a dvd to help with motivation. I'm fighting to lose weight and tone up and this helps with buttocks, thighs and keeping your balance. Im gonna exercise till the wheels fall off!! Comfort Its easy for a plus size like me to get on without alot to do



POOR Customer Service on the Rock n Roll Stepper!!!


I purchased 2 of the Rock n Roll Steppers, 1 for myself and 1 for a gift.The one I gave for a gift was missing the LCD Display Counter. I have called every phone number in the booklet that came with the Rock n Roll Stepper  for a Replacement Part. The phone number's have either been a non working number or there is no answer.  I even called the Retailer were I purchased them from and the phone number they gave me is the same  number  that is in the booklet that I already called.  All I want is a Replacement Part.  Not a Very Good Customer Service Department,  Very Unhappy Customer in Michigan :-(

Owosso, MI


Who cares if it moves around, it's getting the job done!


People who complain about ANY type of at home workout equipment are people who complain about working out, period. It's about the drive you have to look the way you want, get healthy and feel great. Now, if you're not naturally inclined to be physically active, you're probably not the best one to be commenting on a workout equipment. That being said.... Use the equipment with the workout videos, it's motivating, it works out the various lower body parts, and it will having you sweating! If you are overweight, you probably wont see great results. Like all toning exercises, you need to shed the fat FIRST before you can see the developing muscles, otherwise you'll be toning those muscles but they'll be hidden underneath all that fat. I like the equipment because my job has me sitting on my butt 8 hours a day and we all know how that can flatten your butt as well as make you gain weight if you aren't careful with what you're eating. I use this to tone my gluts and thighs. So far so good. If done right, you can really feel your gluts and thighs screaming. Like anything in life, you have to work hard and with it, stay with it and you'll see results. Good luck!

Orlando, FL


I rocked and rolled by way to a knee injury.


I received a Tony Little rock and roll stepper as a Christmas gift and it turned out to be the worst gift ever.  I thought it would be an easy way to stay in shape over the winter and started using it right away.  It was a little hard to use as it rocks and rolls it's way across the room.  So, watch out for the wall or anything that might be in your path.  It seems to give a pretty good workout, of the aerobic sort. and I enjoyed doing it and found it very easy to just step on when I had a few extra moments.  But after a few weeks I noticed a lot of pain in my knee and decided to see a doctor.  I'm pretty sure the pain had to be because of the Rock and Roll stepper because nothing else in my life had changed. So, the doctor suggested I stop using it and I did.  The pain took a couple of months to resolve itself and I'm fine now, but I suspect this exercise machine was to blame.  Maybe a little too much rocking and rolling is not good.

Pleasanton, CA


It's a great, easy to use form of exercise.


I have a disability that limites a lot of what I can do, but I tried the rock N roll stepper and was surprised at how easy it was to use. It does wiggle around the room a bit, but otherwise, it's great and fun to use.

Jensen Beach, FL


Easy to Use, But Not For Everyone


I bought this stepper because it looked like fun and seemed to be something an older woman with arthritis could do. Well, it was fun. I could use it for a good ten minutes at a time. However, my arthritic ankles and feet could not handle this for longer periods of time, which are really what is needed for good calorie burn and muscle strenghthening.

Hereford, AZ


Tony Little Rock 'n Roll Stepper

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