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Bliss Sleeping Peel mask

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Got rid of blackheads, but new blemishes appeared


When I was fighting blackheads I purchased Bliss Sleeping Peel Mask and wasn't too happy with the results. The texture of this clay was very thick, which made it difficult to apply to my face. I applied a dime size amount to my nose, chin, and forehead. I initially only left the clay on my face for 5 minutes, but I didn't notice any changes in my blackheads so I decided to leave it on overnight. When I woke up the next morning the clay had disappeared for the most part and only a little residue was left behind. I noticed that I still had blackheads, but there was a definite change in amount. I decided to use this clay the following night and when I awoke in the morning I noticed that I had a new blemish on my nose. I figured it was just my acne acting up and didn't think too much of it. I continued to use this product for the next couple of nights and each morning I would notice a reduction in blackheads, but a new blemish would appear. Once I stopped using Bliss Sleeping Peel Mask Clay my blackheads returned, but I didn't get any new blemishes.

Westchester, IL


Didn't see much difference


Sadly, I did not seem to notice any changes in my face after I applied on the Bliss Sleeping Peel mask, which was expensive too, for the small amount given. My face looked the same except that I noticed a slight reduction in the puffiness of my eyes but only slightly. Definitely not worth the price!



Another disappointment


This is my third Bliss product, and as usual, this is yet again another disappointment. It just doesn't seem to do anything. You can put olive oil on your face and achieve the same result. Firstly, it's supposed to hydrate and peel, which I interpret as having a small percentage of exfoliation effect after you wake up. I did not see any changes on my face at all. Actually it seems to dry it up a little bit. The cream did go on smoothly, and I barely feel it on my face when I head to bed. It did not leave any marks on my pillow whcih is a really good thing. But I do not see any moisturizing effect on my face, nor do I see smoothing either. I ended up not using it (what a waste of money, I know). And I go wtih Kiehl's overnight peel cream (someting like that) instead. That cream has a better desinty than Bliss does. And has a more brightening effect in the morning. I found that Bliss product is generally overpriced, adn overrated.

New York, NY


holy cow!!


i have issues with eye puff and fatigue. It showed in my eyes.This is great to have around for a quick fix. They felt cool and refreshing, and none of the liquid got into my eyes. The puffiness around my eyes was reduced when I took them off, but I noticed even less puffiness after a couple hours. I would definitely keep these on hand for special occasions, but I wouldn't use them regularly because of the price. This awesome energizing eye mask made such a huge difference. My eyes looked better, but more importantly, I felt the areas around my eyes, particularly right below my eyes relaxing and that in turn made me feel better.When the area around my eyes relaxed, my eyes seemed more open.This is really wonderful. Since they're somewhat expensive, I'm going to save them for emergencies and not use them every week.Since I am a Bliss fan, I thought I would try these pads. It definitely cooled my eyes after less sleep than I would have liked but I don't know if I LOVED it. I have only used it twice, so I will see after a couple more uses if it grows on me.

Schenectady, NY


Sadly disappointing


Bliss sleeping peel mask is sadly disappointing. It is expensive for the small amount given to you and it fails to show any results. It is suppose to help exfoliate.  It comes in a cute little glass jar but for some reason it dries out quickly. I was using it once or twice a week as directed but it did little for my skin. I never noticed a difference at all while using it. Don't waste your money.

Ellenburg Center, NY


Bliss Sleeping Peel mask

2.8 5