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Black & Decker
Black & Decker Arctic Twister Ice Cream Mixer

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Poorly Designed


I actually purchased this thinking it froze the ice cream but it actually just transforms a package of your favorite ice cream or frozen yogurt into soft serve and swirls it with nuts, fruit, chocolate, sprinkles, whatever. I found this a bit annoying to assemble. The five plastic pieces do not feel very sturdy at all, but none broke when I used it. I also was not impressed with the functionality of this. You lift the lid, add a chunk of ice cream, then a layer of sprinkles, chocolate chips, M&Ms, etc. and keep layering ice cream and toppings. I didn't think it did a particularly good job of swirling the ice cream and toppings. Plus, it oddly makes only three servings. It would have been significantly better if it could just hold that one extra serving to make four servings. Three is just such a strange number and someone ultimately either has to share or get left out which is ridiculous. Overall this was an interesting concept but it is very poorly thought out and designed. I really cannot recommend it at all.


Vernon Rockville, CT


Black & Decker Arctic Twister Ice Cream Mixer

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