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Black & Decker
Black & Decker 18V Cordless Hedge Trimmer

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Light and easy to use.


I love this hedge trimmer. No cord to bother with and, so far, my battery has held up very, very well. Performance I've had no issues with charging the battery or battery life. A cradle, of sorts, slides onto the battery and charges from any wall socket. I couldn't even say how long the charge lasts because I've never run it down entirely. I just slide the battery into the trimmer grip/handle and go trim. It rarely gets snagged, cuts through small trees and vines and has had no glitches, whatsoever. It's just a matter of thumbing the 'safety', pulling the trigger, and doing the work. Ease of Use Excellent. For years I used a Craftsman trimmer with a 50-ft extension cord running out of my house; it was tiresome, bothering with a cord every time. Going cordless has been a huge time-saver. I use my trimmer right side up and upside down, depending on what I'm trimming. I'm short, so I have to flip it over to gain an extra five to six inches of reach. Handling Again, excellent and very easy. If I'm using it for an extended period of time, keeping the safety depressed and the trigger engaged has led to some very mild forearm soreness. This, to me, is negligible since, do any one thing long enough and muscles will get sore. Durability I use my trimmer every week between May/June to mid-October, and randomly (as needed) otherwise. I generally use it about twenty to twenty-five times a year, have had it over three years and have never had any problems with battery or actual trimming performance.



Efficient but no stamina!


I love the trimmer--enough that I own 2 (14.4v, 18v)--but I've had it! Lightweight, efficient, effective...but after about 10 charges the battery life fades to 15 mins. I've been dilligent to charge it fully each time but it doesn't help. I've got 70' of hedge and 15 large bushes and it takes weeks to get the job done because of poor battery life.

Hemet, CA


Black and Decker cordless hedge trimmer is a life saver!


I love this Black and Decker cordless hedge trimmer because I never have to worry about cutting into my electric cord anymore. You wouldn't believe the number of times I have had to replace my electrical cords because of this problem. I also get done with the work a lot faster without having to lug around a cord over fences and bushes in order to get around everything. I usually have a couple of these hedge trimmers around and always plugged in and ready to go so when I run out of power with one, I can finish with the other one. It really keeps its charge for a long time. I have several bushes I always have to trim, and this is a real lifesaver. Also, I don't have a cord to wrap up and put away.

Boiling Springs, SC


Pretty effective tool to have.


**For trimming a lot of thick branches on the bushes and shrubs in my yard, I use a Black & Decker #NHT518 18V Cordless Hedge Trimmer.  This is a product that I find to be very useful to have for such tasks as trimming low lying tree branches and  shrubs.  ** **Because it is a cordless hedge trimmer, I don't have to worry about tripping over an extension cord as I move out and about my business of taking care of the yard work.** **I have found this cordless hedge trimmer to be pretty easy to clean.  The first thing that I have done to clean it is to remove by hand(once the hedge trimmer is turned off, of course) any debris that is stuck.  I then take a lightly moistened rag and wipe off any residue from any thing that is sticky that is on the hedge trimmer.** **However, the cordless hedger trimmer is, sadly, is neither perfect not exact for every job that one has.** If I have a long, but very thin branch on a shrub.  And the shrub is rubbery, then, I have a problem.  The cordless hedge trimmer, while capable of cutting the very thick branches of a tree, is not able to cut the very thin branches of a shrub or a  bush.

Linden, NJ


Black & Decker 18V Cordless Hedge Trimmer

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