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Biore Nourish Moisture Lotion

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Great to use in combination with a cleanser


I used this lotion in combination with my daily skin care routine. I love this product. It makes my skin look and feel great. Leaves my skin soft but not greasy and this product does not clog pores so it is safe to use everyday. Effectiveness My skin gets really dry in the heat or cold because I have underlying skin conditions. I use this product because I can mix it with my other face products such as sunscreen or I can use it on its own. Really easy to mix with a foundation to keep your face from cracking and your make up looking messed up. Ease of Application Very easy to use. Easy to apply and the way the bottle is made makes it that much easier to use. The pump handle is great. Scent There is no scent with this product. I like that because I do not have to worry about the scent of the lotion mixing with the scent of the other smelly products that I use on a daily basis such as my body spray or scented lip gloss. Great product.




Biore is the one moisturizer I'll stick with.


I am no skin product junkie, nor am I looking for the hottest trend in beauty supplies.  I just want a moisturizer that will make my combination skin happy, protect it from the sun, and not smell bad.  Sadly, that has been pretty hard to find.  Things are to heavy or too light, make my skin oily or don't help with dryiness, smell like chemicals, cause me to break out, or seem perfect but do nothing to help my fair skin fend off the sun's UV rays.  So I have always been the kind of person who goes to the beauty section of the drug store or goes to a beauty store not to get the "same old thing," but rather to get something completely different from anything I've tried. Biore Nourish Moisture Lotion is the ONLY facial moisturizer that I have gone back and purchased more than once.  Ever.  I am in my early twenties, so that's a long time without ever repeating a moisturizer.  I love the smell of the lotion, I like the way it feels (I can even put it on if I already have make up on and don't want to wash my face, and it won't feel greasy), and it has SPF 15 (not a ton, but enough for daily use).  It is also quite affordable.  I highly recommend this product.


New York, NY


Makes my skin oily


I have been trying to find the perfect moisturizer and was hoping Biore would be the one. Unfortunately it wasn't ]: Every moisturizer I tried made my face oily, so I thought this would be different because it said "oil free." That didn't change a thing! It felt lightweight, but it made my skin shiny. It smells nice, but it's a no go for me as a daily moisturizer. The search for the perfect moisturizer still continues.


West Covina, CA


Biore's nourish moisture lotion is nice and light!


Even though I loved my previous moisturizer, I decided to give Biore's products a chance since I really like their idea of nourishing skin and recharging it. I've been using this moisturizer for about 3 weeks now, and I think its pretty good.    It doesn't moisturize as much as I would like it to (I tend to have to use two pumps instead of one), but maybe its because it is winter time and my skin is extra dry during this season. I love the smell and feel of this lotion, its light and velvety when going on the skin. It definitely sinks in very well too, it doesn't leave that greasy,shiny look that some moisturizers do.And of course, I love the pump! I think its a good moisturizer for normal and oily skin. the price is pretty fair too. Over all its a good moisturizer, but maybe not so much for dry skin.


Duluth, GA


Biore nourish- a great moisturizer.


Biore Nourish is a great year round moisturizer. It keeps my skin from getting dry in the winter months and protects my skin from the sun in the summer months. Biore Nourish smells great (a light flowery-fruity scent) and doesn't leave skin feeling oily. The lotion absorbs quickly and doesn't leave a wet feeling either. I use this moisturizer under my make-up every day. It hasn't caused any build up or clogged pores/acne like some moisturizers. This product only has an SPF of 15 so it doesn't replace sun screen but works good as every day protection. The gentle ingredients allow me to use this with my Dermarest or Psoriasin medicated lotions without causing any irritation, itching, or redness. Biore Nourish is also very affordable when compared to other brands that cost twice as much and are half the size. I would reccommend this product to anyone that suffers from dry skin and needs an easy to find affordable solution.  


Blue Earth, MN


Biore Nourish Moisture Lotion

4.0 5