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Biore Moisturizer

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Biore mousturizer makes my facial skin smooth


Biore facial moisturizer makes my skin so smooth and keep it from drying out from harsh weather it smells really nice as well I love the pump it has so you dont get too much out at a time just the right amount and you also get a nice size of amount of lotion for your purchase.  Also I like this moisturizing lotion because the lotion is oil free and doesnt clog my pores.  I have been using for about 3 weeks now and i really look forward to using it because of the clean smell it has.  Biore is also priced better than some of the facial lotions on the market making it very affordable to use and has spf 15 for sun protection.  Also you can use the lotion throughout the day for fighting dry patches on the skin.  The amount of lotion you get for the price is really good my bottle was 3.4FLoz and I have over a half of bottle left after 3 weeks so it is a good quantity size bottle.  The facial moisture lotion absorbs very quickly into the skin and makes your face feel so good and healthy.  I cant stress how good this lotion smells I just love the fragrance because it is very light in smell and not overwhelming.

Hot Springs, VA


Works great for flakey dry skin


I have been using the Biore  , Hard Day's Night Overnight Moisturizer for about 3 months now. I live in Texas where winters can be especially hard on sensitive skin. I was personally suffering from very dry skin around my eyebrows ( I know, weird!) and along my chin line. I picked up this product on a whim and LOVE the results. It is a thick consistency, very light smell, and not greasy once dry. It has made a huge difference in the flakiness of the skin around my eyebrows, I no longer have what I "lovingly" called eyebrow dandruff! Hooray! I do find that I need to use about two pumps worth of product to get the coverage that I like. The product is suppose to be a nighttime treatment, but I have even used it on especially brutal winter days under my regular moisturizer with SPF and it has been fabulous. I do not get a greasy look to my skin and my skin has a soft smooth finish all day long. I have even found my husband sneaking pumps of it to use around his cuticles. It is awesome!

San Antonio, TX


If you don't want a moisturizer that's too oily, Biore is great.


My skin is very hard to deal with. It can either by very oily or very dry. Biore helped by giving me enough moisturizer so that my face is not to dry and not to oily. I think it is perfect for almost everyone's skin type!

Acton, MA


Biore Moisturizer

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