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Biddeford Automatic Heated Mattress Pad

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not the best product


I won't buy this again. I have had mine less than a year and just had to buy a new electric blanket. It just quit heating and I would get continual error messages on the display. It seemed that if my husbands side was on, mine wouldn't work. The sheet itself is cheap, and the sides are papery, so it wasn't surprising mine ripped when I was making the bed.. The plug is near the bottom of your feet, so you are constantly hitting it in the middle of the night with your foot. As for heat, it did well when it was working and made the bed comfortable on a cold night. I liked the fact that it had dual controls and that we could set the temperature for our personal preferences.




The Biddeford Heated mattress pad is great!


The Biddeford Automatic Heated Mattress Pad has been a great purchase!  We purchased this mattress pad for our daughter, and she loves it!  It is made with quality, and fits her twin size mattress perfectly.  The temperature control unit sits on her night-stand, and is easy to operate.  I like the digital control function, that turns the pad on to the same setting it was set on when turned off.  I also really appreciate the auto-off feature.  The controller will turn the mattress pad off after 10 hours.  It gives me peace of mind knowing that the mattress pad will turn off automatically and not run continually.  I would not have purchased a heated mattress pad or blanket if it did not have the auto-off feature.  As far as how it works, like I said, she loves it!  She crawls into a warm bed, and it keeps her nice and toasty throughout the night.  the only difficulty is getting her out of bed in the morning! 


Hudsonville, MI


Biddeford Heated Mattress Pad...Great WHEN it works


Love having a heated mattress pad but *WILL NOT* buy this brand again.  I had the first one about 2 weeks & took it back because one side wouldn't stay plugged in. I would turn it on & it would heat up fast but when I got in bed if I bumped the plug-in with my feet it would knock the plug loose. I even swapped the controls but the same thing happend. The replacement pad did the same thing on the same side.  I finally turned the pad around so the plug-ins are at the head of the bed instead of the foot. This worked for several months but then it knocked out/burned out(whatever) the control. I replaced the control & it worked 1 night before the same thing happened to the second control. I am now looking to buy a new pad & it *will not* be a Biddeford.


Gravette, AR




This heated mattress pad is oh so nice.This nicely quilted pad is just what the docter ordered on cold nights.I love my mattress pad. It has 10 temperture settings and 10 hour auto shutoff mode. It is very safe.The digital controllers light up.This is absolutely worth every penny it costs. I am a person who is cold all winter long. I usually turn this mattress pad on about 15 minutes before I go to bed on a high setting.When I get into bed,it is all warm and cozy.I love it. After about 10 minutes,you have to then turn it down to about number 3 or even lower once you get just the right amount of comfort. The mattress pad is plenty large to fit over larger sized matresses.The wires are very thin so they are not a bother but I still use an extra fitted sheet because of that reason though. I am very pleased with my mattress pad and now I would not live without one.I used to use an electric blanket which are nice too.I suppose it is a matter of preference.I like the heated pad better because it feels good when I have a backache which is alot these days.


Cincinnati, OH


Biddeford Automatic Heated Mattress Pad

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