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Betty Crocker
Betty Crocker Whole Grain Helper Lemon & Herb Chicken

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Some tasty lemon & herb chicken meal in a box!


I for one can't get enough poultry, especially chicken, be it fried or roasted or baked or barbecued or simmered in lemon & herb sauce. I LOVE when my family makes lemon and herb chicken from scratch with rice pilaf, plain spaghetti, or egg noodles with steamed or canned peas and carrots, so when there was a coupon in the weekend paper for Betty Crocker's Lemon & Herb Chicken (with whole GRAIN pasta too) that was pretty much EXACTLY what we make all in one box we decided to get it to see how it stacked up against ours. It was NOT bad at all, really, because the pasta cooked up just fine with the chicken and vegetables in the sauce in the pot just like they did in the oven and in separate pans, and it took less than an hour to make. For some reason the seasoning in the sauce was a little different than the bottled sauce we use, though that was understandable, so it took a little getting used to and I wasn't immediately hooked on it as I expected to be. But after the next time I definitely liked it and got a box for myself to make into lunches for several days, and now I'm covered until we make our own from scratch again. Definitely try it!



Betty Crocker Chiken Helper-Lemon Whole Grain is just disgusting


I have been a fan of hamburger helper and chicken helper for 25 years. I love using hamburger helper and chicken helper. But this one is just plain disgusting. I followed the directions on the box and what I got was a mouthful of lemon crystals . Husband ate a small platefu and then went to get his cereal box. My 14 year old daughter took one look and said it was too gross to eat. I gotta tell you it was so disgusting that I wouldn't even let the dog have the scraps. I'm not sure who dreamed up this recipe but they ought to be forced to eat it for an entire week. Betty Crocker you let me down on this one. I like the inital idea of the whole grain pasta but then it went straight down hill from there. I'm not sure but I think it's what gave me diarreha the next day. Needless to say I wouldn't touch this dish again if it were the last meal on earth and chicken is my favorite protein. I'm not even sure I can face chicken again for awhile.

Oldsmar, FL


Betty Crocker Whole Grain Helper Lemon & Herb Chicken

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