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Betty Crocker
Betty Crocker Hamburger Helper Cheesy Baked Potato

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Can I buy this Cheesy Baked Potato in Canada?


I would love to find this particular item in the stores everywhere, including Canada!



Missing something?


The Hamburger Helper Cheesy Baked Potato Mix looks very good on the box picture and I am a fan of hamburger helper so I purchased it. I cooked it like the instructions stated but it just seemed to be missing flavor. I mean it was very bland with no taste.



Cheesy Baked Potato HH is one of my favorites!


I've always preferred the HH flavors made with potatoes to those made with pasta.  Cheesy Baked Potato is top on my list followed by Cheesy Hashbrown, but stores in my area no longer stock either one of these.  Used to also love Cheeseburger Macaroni, but last couple of times I tried it it did NOT taste at all like it used to...as if the recipe for the powdered cheese had been changed.  Very disappointing!!!

Anderson, IN


Big disappointment


Well, I try new things, as I am getting on in age, and I was truly surprised and disappointed.  Somehow, it just sort of "sat there".  The flavor was "missing", and it just seemed 'limp'.  I was sorry I wasted a whole lb of gr beef on it.  If I had to use it again, well, I'd have to ADD some cheese to it, and something to give it some flavor.  Sorry guys, this one didn't make it.

Prospect Heights, IL


What's left in the pan tells the tale - Hamburger Helper CBP.


I had a root canal today, so I wasn't up to much cooking. I also wanted something that would be fairly soft and easy to chew. The Hamburger Cheesy Baked Potato mix I'd picked up a week or two ago seemed like a good bet. I like Hamburger Helper just fine. I don't make it often, but it's OK from time to time. Our favorirte is the Beef Stroganoff. There's one with rice that's tasty but does me wrong afterwards. All in all, I'd say we eat a box about once every six months. I don't recall seeing the Cheesy Baked Potato mix before. I'd say it's either new or just hasn't been carried in this area until recently. I make a beef, potato and cheese casserole that's terrific, so I thought this might be something like that - but much quicker. I can say that. Hamburger Helper is a fast meal. With this mix, you pour it all in. Well, you brown the hamburger first. Dump. Stir. Cook for 18 minutes after it comes to a boil. Very easy. This did smell good - actually better than it tasted. The main smell was cheese. That was also the main taste. If you love cheese, this may be a mix you'll like. The biggest issue I had with the Cheesy Baked Potato mix was that the potatoes tasted kind of rubbery. It is, I admit, really hard to do quick potatoes. Very few companies can pull it off. Simply Potatoes does very well. Hamburger Helper - not so much. The taste is kind of like when you slice potatoes and they sit a little too long and start to brown and get tough. You can still use them, but they are not primo. My boys were quite polite. I think this was since I'd had the root canal and wasn't feeling up to speed. They both said the Hamburger Helper Cheesy Baked Potato dinner was OK. But, you can see in the photos that there's a lot left in the pan. Trust me. If this was a really good mix, that pan would be empty. These fellows can pack it away - when it's really good. I wouldn't buy this one again. It was not awful. But, I would just as soon have had a bologna sandwich.  

southern, NC


Betty Crocker Hamburger Helper Cheesy Baked Potato

3.2 5