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Bernina Mechanical Sewing Machine 802 Sport

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My Mom's Sewing Machine


I even love the sound of this sewing machine, which I think is a characteristic feature of Bernina machines and craftmanship. This machine is versatile and has all kinds of stitches, my mom has sewn furniture, blankets, all kinds of things using this machine. She rarely had problems with it and really enjoyed all of its features. Now its outdated I suppose, as its not electronic and doesn't do embroidery(it has some very basic monogramming features) as that became a trend years after she got her machine. It still works well after almost 20 years I think; it was expensive for a sewing machine at the time she received it as a gift. I personally like the stitch options and the light it has to help you see what you're doing. Its very easy to use as I can use it and am only a basic seamstress.

Madison, AL


my Bernina 802 sport is my right hand.


My Bernina 802 sport is such a good sewing machine that I haven't even thought about replacing it with a newer model.  It is portable but just as strong as a non-portable.  The Swiss-made all metal parts make this machine very reliable.  It hums along with a very quiet sound. 

Ocala, FL


Bernina Mechanical Sewing Machine 802 Sport

5.0 2