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Berkley Fireline Thread for Jewelry Making

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FireLine Thread: For Stringing, Crafting And Dioramas


Whether you are looking for a strong, durable thread for stringing beads or making unique pieces of jewelry, Berkley FireLine Thread is one of the most versatile stringing threads on the market. I use this when I make custom Lego dioramas that require things to be hanging or in mid-air to give the illusion that they are flying or moving. It works out a little better than using fishing line that can still be seen and can have kinks in it if it wound tightly on the spool. You can get this in a plethora of colors but I usually get the clear (crystal) or the black; it is sold in 50 yard and 125 yard lengths so if you know you are going to need a lot of it you can get the larger spool. This is easy to cut with scissors and knotting it is a piece of cake. When I have used this to string beads I liked the tension of it and that there was just a little bit of flex when you pull on it. If you like to braid this to make bracelets you will love the way that the thread keeps its shape over time; for the intricate knots and designs this thread doesn't stretch or discolor. If it gets wet it won't shrink or stretch and there are a lot of things that you can do with it outside of stringing beads or making bracelets. When I make Lego ornaments for Christmas I use the clear FireLine but if the item I am converting isn't heavy enough to allow the item to hang straight then I have to add some weight to the bottom of it. All of the FireLine thread is sold in different test weights so if you are unsure of which one is going to work best for your needs you need to ask someone at your local craft store so you are getting the one that is going to deliver the best results.




A good, strong thread for what it's worth.


I used to have a side-hobby of jewelry crafting and used to use many strings and threads, one of which was this. It's a nice, unnoticeable clearness and is relatively strong and unlikely to snap from too much stress. A good choice for an intermediate jeweler.




The best no knot thread for all bead weaving projects.


If you are a beader or have encountered nymo thread in any of its aggravating forms like I have Berkley Fireline interknitted Thread for Jewelry Making is the answer. I just found it recently and I don't miss the endless beeswax and Thread Heaven applications or the knots that plagued by bead weaving projects and turned my temper dial to Oscar the Grouch mode! This thread comes in various widths and colors depending on your project and bead size. It is pre-waxed, UV protected, and made of gel-spun polyethylene. The braided thread is advertised as the strongest fiber, per diameter, ever created (up to six pounds of tensile strength.) It will not stretch and resists abrasion from beads with sharp edges. I use the 2 LB. in Crystal for all my Myuki and seed bead weaving projects because the thread will not show and it is thin and sturdy enough to pass through a size 11 bead several times. If I am using a yard or more of thread I will still pass it through beeswax (it has knotted on me now and then but never caused me to start a project over) but Fireline is virtually worry free. Now you can finally enjoy a beading project rather than worrying about the stress and the knots! Fireline is sold by Fire Mountain Gems and Beads in 50 yd. and 125 yd. spools in 1lb. to 6 lb test size threads. With 6 lb. meant for heavier gemstones and 1 and 2 lb. for bead weaving and peyote stitch projects. It does not come in the variety of colors nymo does, only crystal and smoke (black and clear) but I find that its strength and ease of use far outweighs that drawback. And I don't really want to see the threads in most of my projects anyway. It is considerably pricier (10.65-5.85 for a 50 yd. spool depending on your order size) but if it saves me the frustration I am willing to add it to my bead order. Plus I have found it is the thread of choice for most of the beaders I have met at shows. Overall five stars, I really like it and it is highly recommended.


Myrtle Beach, SC


Berkley Fireline Thread for Jewelry Making

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