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Benefit Dear John Moisturizer

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One of my Top Three Faves


I am a HUGE Benefit Cosmetics fan and have used pretty much all of their products.  Their line of cosmetics are of great value, great quality and really fun.  Like everything else there are a few that I can do without or prefer a different brand but for the most part I love Benefit ! Dear John is an ultra rich cream that you can use either day or night.  It doesn't leave your face feeling greasy at all.  It leaves your face feeling lustrous.  The only and I mean only drawback to this facial cream is that is doesn't contain SPF.  So if you want to use it for daytime you still have to apply some type of SPF protection. This cream along with mostly all of Benefit's cosmetics are fun.  I promise you won't be disappointed.

Glendale, CA


smells good, looks good, feels good


Try Benefit Dear John Moisturizer.   It smells like the marshmallow fluff you get in a jar.  It is really soothing, and it works really well.   As far as price is concerned.  It is a little more than drugstore prices, but a lot cheaper than most department store prices even though you can get it at Macy's.  They have a wonderful range of products and you even get to try new things.    The packaging is really cute and kitschy.  The names of the products are really interesting. Well worth trying.  Since I turned 35 I have had problems with my skin.  This corrects it beautifully.

Aliquippa, PA


Benefit Dear John Moisturizer

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