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Benefiber Stick Packs

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Couldn't Be More Easy


In my relentless pursuit for more fiber to help my gastrointestinal needs, I'm now using the Benefiber Stick Packs. The only reason for the switch of the chewables is that I can't always find it at the store. In addition, it was beginning to be a pain to take that, and my calcium, and my magnesium. I found a Benefiber that combined calcium and fiber, but again, I can't always find it. The Stick Packs are the only thing that is always available in the different stores that I go to. For a very short time I was able to find flavored stick packs, which were great, but again, too hard to find. So here I am with the taste-free Stick Packs, and I have to say, they work well and are easy to use, no matter how much I resisted using them. The stick packs resemble any small drink packet that can be added into a bottle of water like you would do with Crystal Light. The packets are relatively small, so can be stored away in your purse or pocket. Pre-measured out ,it's one step easier than the regular powder. You can stir this into almost anything, literally. Not only does it not have a flavor, it also is non-thickening, so you really don't know it's in there. I will admit there are a few little floaties, but I guess I can take that. It's not like mixing up powdered milk or anything (nothing was more gross than the powdered milk my aunt use to mix up for us to drink), as it dissolves really well, and if not for the one or two floaties, you wouldn't know it was in there.. Although you can stir it into soft foods, I don't. I mix one in my hot tea in the morning, then stir in two more at meal times with iced tea or water. I resist pouring it into my diet coke, as something about the carbonation just tells me that would be a mistake. They made a believer out of me, I guess. I didn't want to use this and resisted it, but now that I've been using it, I have to admit how easy it is, that I can't taste it anyway, so there's no reason to insist on the flavored ones, an that it really does work. And besides, it's always available.

South Elgin, IL


A Little Bit of Fiber Goes a Long Way - A+ to Benefiber Sticks!


Recently I've attended a health/nutrition/wellness class and have learned quite a bit about protein and fiber and their importance in our daily nuritional intake. While working diligently to increase my fiber intake, I have found no more simple solution that than of Benefiber Sticks. Not only are they portable & easy to use, but also an A+ solution to adding fiber into your diet. I have tried both the clear solution to add to soft foods (great for yogurt or cottage cheese) and the flavored options to add to my bottled water. The Benefiber Stics dissolve well and taste great... could their honestly be any better combination for improving our health? I find that the cost of the product does seem a bit expensive at times; yet the benefits that my health is receiving is well worth it. There is no greater gift or expensive I can obtain for myself than to have a healthy future to be around for my loved ones. Highly recommened product..... especially as I head to the store today to purchase more :0)

Corunna, MI


Benefiber works ok.


I tried the strawberry kiwi benefiber sticks and they were ok.  The only thing i did not like is the fact that it doesn't dissolve all the way.  It kind of clumps up a little at the bottom of the bottle. The flavor is a good taste and it works fine.  Overall i think i will buy this product again but try the new orange sticks.

Memphis, TN


Benefiber Stick Packs

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