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Juice Plus+
Juice Plus+ Fruit and Vegetable Supplements

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Hi :)


Good evening .. 💐 I am very skinny and I want to increase my weight and I do not have body curves tempting unfortunately Hahahaha product content I want to gain weight and curves and thank you all 🌺




Helped with "female problems"


I wanted to try this product mostly for one of my sons who does not eat very healthy and is old enough that I can no longer make him. I thought we would all try it out in our family to see if we noticed a difference. I am giving this an overall rating of 9 because for the rest of my family, there hasn't been anything measurable besides "I think I have a little more energy." My husband has actually had a little bit more illness this winter than normal. However, for me, there has been one very large improvement in my health. **Warning if you are a man and do not want to read about female issues--skip to the next review!** I have cramps every month (for monthly reasons) that used to be so bad that they would wake me up in the middle of the night and were so bad that I it would take me several minutes to get myself out of bed to take Ibuprofen and then lay in misery until it took affect. I would have to take more than the recommended doses on the bottle and for 2 days it would still be uncomfortable, even on the meds. On day 4 I would get them again, but more mild. I had hopes that when I tried going off gluten (for other reasons), that it would help the cramps, but it didn't help that issue at all. I also was very, very tender in my chest. I was on Juice Plus for almost an entire 4 weeks before I had the monthly issue. I was still tender in the chest, but I didn't have to take any Ibuprofen for cramps. I couldn't believe it. I still had mild/medium cramps, but NO meds. I thought it was a fluke and was curious what would happen on month 2. The second time my chest was less tender and the cramps were about the same. Month 3 (and the last month I have completed) I had very little tenderness in the chest and the mildest cramps I have had in my adult life. I have changed nothing else in my diet or in my lifestyle in this same time period. I am so thankful for this! It is expensive, but since I am seeing such noticeable results, I hesitate to take my family off of it in order to save money. I feel like there is probably good things happening to them that we just can't measure if it helped me so much!




Juice Plus Vitamins


I have taken Juice Plus Fruit and Vegetable Supplements on and off for years, and think that it is a great product. My doctor even recommends taking them! When I take Juice Plus regularly, I do feel better overall, although I have not noticed any specific dramatic changes. However, many of my friends have experienced very noticeable positive changes in their health. One friend never drank water, and only drank diet soft drinks. After starting Juice Plus, she lost all craving for soft drinks and instead, only wants to drink water now! So I do think it is a valuable supplement, especially if you are facing health challenges. Another perk of Juice Plus is that they offer free children's gummy vitamins when you buy the adult vitamins. The downside to this supplement is the price, and that you have to purchase four months of vitamins at a time. Although you can split up the payments, it is still expensive, even for a great vitamin.




I have found this to be an amazing product


Juice plus is backed by sound clinical research and has been an amazing contributor in keeping my family and myself healthy.   The value is wonderful when assessing the amount you pay for these supplements with the benefits they provide.  While they do not come anywhere close to substituting for a diet rich in the natural benefits of fruits and vegetables, they are a wonderful dietary insurance policy and a beneficial second choice.  This is especially true for all of those kids who are picky eaters.


Duluth, GA


A great, easy way to fill-in those gaps in your daily diet!


I and my family have been taking Juice Plus for over 10 years and it's one of the few supplements I take on a daily basis.  Although, as a naturopath, I know the important foods to eat to stay healthy, with a busy lifestyle it's not always easy to eat as well as I know I should. This helps to fill-in those gaps. Of course, one wants to eat well; but in reality, we know that this doesn't always happen. Also, living in Wisconsin, many healthy fruits and vegetables are not available year-round. And, we tend to eat the foods we like -- not necessarily those which are most nutrient-dense. If you don't like the taste of a particular food, you probably won't eat it -- at least not very often. In addition, those people who try to maintain a low-carbohydrate diet may be missing out on some important foods that also happen to have a high sugar content/glycemic index like carrots or most fruits. Juice Plus takes out the water, the waste and most of the sugars naturally found in raw fruits and vegetables. Even diabetics can take these supplements. I feel good about taking this whole food supplement daily.


Milwaukee, WI


Very effective and easy to take.


Getting a variety of vegetables in my diet is very important and expensive.  With Juice Plus I am getting everything I need and much more than if I was trying to eat all the vegetables needed to equal the equivalent nutrients.  It is a good feeling that I am doing something so great for my body.  And I am not stressed if I can not shop at a health food store like I would like to, or have the time to eat like I would like to, because I know I have given my body the fuel it needs.


Kansas City, MO


Good for Money, Not so good for consumers


I've looked into Juice Plus a great deal - even tried taking it - because a close friend is a distributer; however, I find it to fall short on several levels. First, for the price there are much better supplements out there. Juice Plus doesn't really have any "super" foods in it; instead, it relies on cheaper fruits and vegetables and broccoli and oranges. When I asked about this, I was told that since all the Juice Plus "research" has been done with these ingredients, they don't want to change their formula. It seems if they really cared about their clients, they would improve the formula, research or not. I was also offered the assurance that the Juice Plus Complete meal replacement does include spirulina. Really?? Anyone who has ever added spirulina to a smoothie will know that you only need a teaspoon, and everything turns green! I don't see even the slightest shade of green in the Complete mix. Yummy taste? Sure. Of course there's no way to know for sure how much spirulina (or sugar or kale or any ingredient, for that matter) is in Juice Plus because they don't list the quantities of ingredients. Finally, I was also told that my child could simply take the gummies as supplement. But when I actually looked into the composition, I found out that the gummies are just that - gummy candies. I just find the whole enterprise kind of shady and grossly weighted toward making money rather the ostensible objective to help make people more healthy.


Boulder, CO


When I couldn't take prenatal vits, I took Juice Plus


My prenatal vitamins were causing me nausea and vomiting... so rather than not take anything, I took Juice Plus. Not once was I made sick by them and I was reassured that I was getting the extra nutrients that I needed.


Heath Springs, SC


biggest skeptic about Juice Plus


My girlfriend decided I should take Juice Plus. Being the biggest skeptic on the planet when it comes to vitamins and supplements I kept putting her off until she brought me two bottles. I have fibromyalgia, am perimenopausal and feel like crap most of the time. My skin was breaking out, I wasn't "regular" and was always just not feeling myself. I have been to the doctor and I was taking an antibiotic for years for my face. So I thought the least I could do was to try it. Now if it doesn't give me instant gratificaton, forget it. But I kept taking it. Hmmm, my face is glowing and not one breakout. Which is worth the cost right there since I am not buying my prescription pills any longer. I am not feeling irregular and constipated. I haven't got a burst of energy yet, nor have I had any relief from fibro pain. But considering its' only been 3 weeks   THREE WEEKS!!! I am going to keep taking it to see if it lives up to anymore claims. But I am starting to really believe in this stuff. I don't sell it or am not affiliated with this company in any way, so for me to make a statement concerning this product is a really big deal. I just wish it was a little cheaper and you could go to the store and buy it when you run out.


Hastings, MI


Juice Plus+ - love it!


I've been taking Juice Plus+ for 10 years now. It is the best option for high quality whole food supplementation that I know of. I've done a lot of research, and if you are looking for a great product that is natural and is a good foundation for great health, you won't be disappointed! The gummies for kids are outstanding, and there are NO warnings on the label saying that if you ingest too many, it could be harmful. That's because there are no harmful chemicals, colorants, fillers, etc. Just whole food!


Birmingham, AL


Juice Plus+ Fruit and Vegetable Supplements

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