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Bell Fitness
Bell Fitness  Softone Wrist Weights (2 lbs.)

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Comfortable wrist weights.


I love this wrist/ankle weights. I use them all of the time. They really help me when I'm working out. I used to do just plain leg lifts and they would really work my abs but, I wanted more of a challenge. When I put these on my ankles it gave me that challenge. I felt a new burn that I hadn't felt in a while. I also like to wear these when I go for walks. It makes me feel like I am working out and I don't have walk as fast. Another great thing about these weights is that they are soft. I have had experience with weights before and some leave bruises. This product hasn't given me any bruises and distributes the weight evenly. Another great thing about this product is that it isn't slippery. I can get a good grip on these weights and don't have to worry about dropping them. This makes me feel a lot safer using them. I also like that the holes aren't overly slippery. This makes me secure that they won't fall off while I am exercising.



Bagels for your wrists. Cute but very tiny and light.


***Quick View***: These round wrist weights are only a pound apiece and actually fit my bony wrists. They're decent but I have used better.***About the Bell Fitness Softone Wrist Weights (2 lbs.)*** These weights are one pound each and are round like bagels. They slip over the hands or feet and can be used as wrist or ankle weights. I like to wear wrist weights when doing walking or dancing workouts at home to work my arms a little as I work my heart and lower body. I was quite surprised at how small these weights are around. They fit my wrists tightly and they are tiny. It makes me wonder how these could possibly fit those with larger wrists and hands. They make good walk boosters but are very light. A pound isn't much. I prefer two pound weights especially if I use them on my ankles. These are soft and comfortable. I like that I don't have to mess with straps and such when I want to use them. I just slip them on and go. They work as very light ankle weights as well. The one issue I had - which wasn't funny - was that once I was punching along with Billy Blanks doing Tae Bo and one of the weights slid off my wrist and landed on my little Jack Russell Terrier who was sleeping not far from me. Needless to say, he was not happy and thought I hit him for a reason. It took a while to make friends again. I do have to be careful about jutting my arms out with these on because they are bracelet type weights and could fly right off as evidenced by my dog incident. Otherwise, these are light but fine. ***My Viewpo*****int** **Bell Fitness Softone Wrist Weights (2 lbs.) **are good for my small wrists but I really think they would be tight for those with larger ones. They are soft and easy to use. They're good walk or dance boosters but not so great if you are punching or otherwise jutting your arms out because they could fly right off your wrists. I like them but I sense there are many who will find these too small for them.*** ***I don't recommend these only because they are so small and will only fit kids or very tiny wrists.*** 3 stars.***

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Bell Fitness Softone Wrist Weights (2 lbs.)

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