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Belkin Wireless Router

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Nice router but has its problems


I got this router around 4 years ago. It has pretty good internet speeds. The signal can go from downstairs where I have it connected to the modem all the way upstairs to the opposite side of the house with 3-4 bars out of 5. Media server speeds are pretty good for streaming HD movies and fairly fast transfer speeds although I haven't experienced the advertised 300mbps but about 100mbps on average. Over the years this router has been starting to deteriorate. When I first purchased it, It worked fine connected to the internet no problem. Then after about two years ago it started to require more frequent power cycling. It started to disconnect randomly from my laptop wirelessly which is in the same room as the router with a full 5 bar connection. Over the past few months, I have found myself power cycling the router just about everyday sometimes even up to five times a day. I have recently purchased a new Motorola SB modem so I know it is not the modem because the router has been disconnecting the same way since the old DOCSIS 1.0 modem it was perviously attached to. It is also not my laptop because the same thing happens with my ipod touch and ps3 wirelessly, it is like the router totally drops the wireless signal while retaining the wireless LED lit. However, power cycling only takes about 30seconds so i do not mind doing it time to time, but a router for its higher price should not require such action. When connecting hardware through ethernet, the internet connection is stable and reliable. Overall this router has a pretty good signal strength thoughtout the house as well as connection speeds (internet and server), but requires power cycling in the long run. I would recommend this router for those who do not stray too far from their router and have patience to power cycling a pretty good N router frequently.

South Plainfield, NJ


Belkin Wireless Router

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