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Belkin Play N600 (722868807453) Wireless Router

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Great range but drops connection too often


This router is very inexpensive, has great range, and can connect a plethora of devices at a decent but not great speed/connection. However, having a lot of devices connected and put under even relatively heavy use, the router will drop and reset the connection, which does not need any work from you to fix, but is extremely annoying. Enough so that I am currently looking for another router. If you're under a strict budget, however, this is probably the best you're going to be able to get. Performance Certainly not the best out there, but it is about the best you're going to find for the price point. Durability With durability, it really just depends on how you define this. Physically the parts have held up very well. My two cats like to get into it and have knocked it to the ground - about 4-5 feet - many times, yet it still chugs along. However, heavy load makes it often reset itself, which kills your internet for about 2-4 minutes. This is an issue I have read is fairly common with this router. Setup & Ease of Use Very easy to set up. I would suggest simply using plug and play, and not messing with the software too much, as I've had a headache with that. Service & Support Decent, but not spectacular.




The Belkin Play N600 keeps us connected!


I wanted to install a wireless router as a family present  last Christmas.  My husband went to the store and bought a cheap router made by another company.  When we went to install it, we couldn't get it to hook anything up except for one device.  well, that just didn't work for me!  We took that one back and bought the Belkin Play N6000.  It was easy to install and hooked us up instantly.  I have my Wii online now, which is very cool.  The kids can get limited online access with their handheld game system that is able to connect wirelessly also.  I have not had any problems with losing the connection, either.  The sales guy said that this one would work in a big house.  My house isn't that big, but it still works in every room.  The only issue I've had with it is hooking the printer up to it, although that may be because I have a bad cord.  i would love to be able to print wirelessly!   Once I get that figures out this router will be perfect!


Spring, TX


Wireless Router a Breeze to setup


This item was very easy to setup.  Plug router in electrical outlet.  Plug ethernet cord into modem and pop the CD disk into your computer.  Has slots to plug 4 computers into the wireless router (If you need to wire any of your computers into the router).  Any computers that are wireless, you just pop the cd in and install the software and type in the Network Name (SSID) and Password. We were able to connect both PC's and Mac's to our internet.


Atco, NJ


Would not buy belkin wireless play router


This router will randomly restart and will lose connection as well. It is not reliable and is not good when you're trying to watch video's or movies online. It was the least expensive one I could find, and well I know why. Its no good.


Jackson, MI


Belkin Play N600 (722868807453) Wireless Router

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